10 Interesting facts about FIFA World Cup 2022

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The world football season is going to start on November 20. Qatar is the host country of the FIFA World Cup this year. 12 years ago this Middle Eastern country got the responsibility of hosting the World Cup. The football world will see several new things for the first time in this World Cup. Let’s take a look at the 10 Interesting facts about FIFA World Cup 2022.

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After 20 years, the FIFA World Cup hosted by an Asian country

• Once upon a time, the FIFA World Cup was limited to countries in Europe, America, Latin America, and Africa.

• It was only in 2002 that the FIFA World Cup was held outside these continents for the first time in an Asian country.

• In 2002 the FIFA Word Cup was jointly hosted by South Korea and Japan.

• This time again after 20 years the World Cup is being organized in Asia. This year the World Cup is being held in Qatar.

Smallest host country

• This is the first time the World Cup is being held in a small country. Qatar has a total area of 11,500 square kilometers and only 29 lakh people live in this country.

• The entire FIFA World Cup will be played in a total of 8 stadiums in Qatar. All these stadiums are located within 50 km of the capital Doha.

The number of footballers in the squad increased

• Earlier each team had 18 footballers. Later it was increased to 23 people.

• Now, FIFA has decided to add 3 more footballers to each country’s squad for this year’s World Cup in Qatar. That is, there are 26 footballers in each team.

World Cup in November-December

• The FIFA World Cup is held every four years, usually in June-July. But due to extreme heat in Qatar, FIFA World Cup is being held in November-December for the first time this year.

• FIFA has taken this decision considering the extreme heat in the Middle East in June-July.

• In the month of June, the temperature sometimes reaches 50 degrees Celsius in various countries of the Middle East.

• Temperatures in Qatar are expected to range between 14 and 31 degrees Celsius during November-December.

All Air-Conditioned Stadiums

• One of the most important things about the FIFA 2022 host nation is that all its eight venues are fully air-conditioned.

• Qatar has come up with this bold solution to deal with the problem of extremely hot weather. And this made Qatar the first host country in the world to host the FIFA World Cup in a fully air-conditioned stadium.

• This fully air-conditioned stadium provides a comfortable viewing experience for the fans, by creating excellent conditions for the players to perform on the pitch.

Footballer changes

• The 2018 World Cup in Russia had a three-player substitution rule. This year it has increased to 5 people.

• Football’s governing body, the International Football Association Board, introduced a 5-footer substitution rule for Covid-19 in 2020.

• There was a crisis of footballers in different leagues of the world due to Corona. At that time the clubs requested the International Football Association Board to introduce a rule of 5 footballers substitutions per match.

• The International Football Association Board accepted the request. The same rule remains in place in the World Cup.

• However, if a World Cup match goes into extra time, one more substitution is allowed in Qatar World Cup.

Female Referee

• Until now, women referees did not get the opportunity to officiate matches in the men’s World Cup.

• But this year, for the first time in Qatar World Cup, female referees have been given the responsibility of officiating men’s matches.

• Among the 36 referees selected by FIFA, 3 are women. They are Stephanie Frappart of France, Yoshimi Yamashita of Japan and Salima Mukansanga of Rwanda.

• They have previously conducted matches in various men’s tournaments. One of which is the UEFA Super Cup and the African Nations Cup.

Offside technology

• FIFA has decided to use a semi-automated offside system for the first time at the World Cup to make assistant referee offside decisions faster and more accurately.

• Balls fitted with sensors will be used in this World Cup in Qatar. The new technology will use limb-tracking cameras to follow the football’s movement.

• The data will be used via 3D images on the stadium’s giant screens for spectators to better understand the referee’s decisions.

The Most Expensive FIFA World Cup

• Another interesting fact is that host country Qatar is spending $200 billion on infrastructure projects for the upcoming soccer events, making Qatar the most expensive World Cup ever in the world

• The Infrastructure projects include the construction of stadiums, highways, hotels, etc. This will make the upcoming tournament one of the most expensive World Cups in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

Qatar never played in a World Cup before

• Qatar established the Football Association in 1960 and became a member of FIFA in 1963. Since then, Qatar has been attempting to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

• Qatar came close enough in 1990 when they reached the final of the AFC qualifiers, but fell short in the end.

• So Qatar will be the first host nation that has never played a World Cup before. As the host nation, Qatar automatically qualified for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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