1000 Vocabulary Words with Meaning and Sentence PDF Free Download: Based on The Hindu News Paper

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1000 Important English Vocabulary Words Based on The Hindu News Paper is a collection of vocabulary words extracted from articles published in The Hindu, a widely-read English-language newspaper in India.

The Hindu newspaper is known for its high-quality reporting, in-depth analysis, and use of advanced vocabulary. Therefore, the vocabulary words included in this collection are not only useful for building one’s vocabulary, but also for improving one’s comprehension skills and understanding of complex words.

Vocabulary words are chosen based on their frequency of use in The Hindu newspaper, their relevance to current affairs, and their potential usefulness in academic and professional contexts. This collection contains a wide range of vocabulary, from basic words to advanced and specialized terms.

The collection is aimed to help learners of English to improve their vocabulary, particularly those preparing for competitive exams such as SSC, Banking, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, and IELTS.

Examples of Important English Vocabulary

Meaning: activity, progress
Definition: the quality of being characterized by vigorous activity and progress.
Usage: the dynamism and strength of the economy

Meaning: lopsided, unsymmetrical, crooked
Definition: having parts that fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement; lacking symmetry.
Usage: the church has an asymmetrical plan with an aisle only on one side

Meaning: credulous, trustful, naïve, innocent, ignorant, simple, unguarded
Definition: easily persuaded to believe something; credulous
Usage: an attempt to persuade a gullible public to spend their money

Meaning: Injury, damage, hurt, wound, sore, cut, lesion
Definition: physical injury.
Usage: Rupture of the diaphragm caused by blunt trauma

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