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Dear Aspirants Here is a  “short note on application software example”.  Read the article, especially the examples of application software, which is most important for any competitive exams, Often the examples are asked in many exams, and among four options you have to choose which is application software or which is system software.

What is application software?

• An application software is a computer program designed to help its users or people to perform a certain activity.

Depending on the certain activity for which it is designed, application software can be used to manipulate text, numbers, audio, graphics, and a combination of these elements.

• For example, You are currently reading this post in a browser like Google Chrome, UC browser, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Here the web browser is designed to search the information of millions of web pages on the internet or web.

• So,  Google Chrome, UC Browser, and Mozilla Firefox are an example of Application Software. 

• Other application software examples: Spreadsheets, Wordpad, Notepad, Microsoft Word,  VLC media player, Firefox or Google Chrome,  accounting applications like Tally,  photo editor like photoshop, mobile apps such as video games, WhatsApp, etc.

What are the types of application software?

• Depending on the activity for which the application software is designed, it can be broadly classified into the following 10 types.

1. Web browsers
2. Presentation software
3. Spreadsheet software
4. Graphic Software
5. Word processors
6. Database software
7. Multimedia software
8. Education software
9. Information Software
10. Content access software

Functions of the Application Software

• Each type of application software performs a specific activity.

◘ Web browsers
• A web browser used to search for information on the Internet or the web.

• It facilitates easy surfing of the internet. You can make use of these to quickly locate information across the web.

◘ Presentation software
• Presentation software, allows the user to easy visual presentation of data with the help of various tools such as shapes, colors, animations, etc.

◘ Spreadsheet software
• Spreadsheet software allows the representation of data in a tabular form through formulas and functions.

◘ Graphic software
•  They allow easy editing of visual data and make room for picture editing and illustration.

◘ Word processors
• Word processor software is basically text editing software. It allows a user to beautify, formulate and manipulate text.

◘ Database software:
•  Also known as database management software, this software can store and manage huge data and provide quick access to all the data in an efficient manner.

◘ Multimedia software:
• A Multimedia software can play or record audio files or video files.  They deal with all basic multimedia creation like photos, video, and audio.

◘ Education software:
• Educational or Academic software is any computer software that is designed for educational purposes.  They allow easy and interactive education.

 Application Software Example

Here is the list of examples of Application software with their types.

Application Software typesExamples






Web browser


• Google Chrome


• Opera mini

• Mozilla Firefox

• Netscape

• Safari

Microsoft Edge

• Internet Explorer

• UC Browser

• Brave Browser

• Tor Browser

• Konqueror

• Lynx Browser







Presentation software

• Microsoft PowerPoint


•  Piktochart

• Google Slides

• Keynote

•  SlideDog

• Haiku Deck

• Prezi Business

• Microsoft Sway

•  Zoho Show







Spreadsheet software

• Microsoft Excel


• Apple Numbers

• Google Sheets

• Quip

• EtherCalc

• Zoho Sheets

• LibreOffice

• Apache OpenOffice Calc

• Smartsheet

• Airtable

• Stackby

• SeaTable





Graphic software

•  Adobe Illustrator


•  Photoshop

•  InDesign

•  CorelDraw

•  Inkscape

•  Microsoft Paint

•  Paint.Net






Word processors

• Wordpad


• Microsoft Word

• Lotus word pro

• Notepad

• WordPerfect

• AppleWorks

• Work pages

• OpenOffice Writer

Database software





• Microsoft Access

• Microsoft SQL Server

• FileMaker Pro

• Oracle Database

• dBASE.

Multimedia software



• Picasa


• VLC media player

• Windows movie maker

• Adobe Photoshop

• Media Monkey

• Inkscape

Education software• Moodle


• Google Classroom

• Blackboard Learn

• EvaluNet XT

• Schoology


• Litmos

• Wisenet

• Workday Student

• Dyknow

• ClassDojo

• LanSchool

Frequently Asked MCQs on Application Software

1. Which of the following is not application software?
A. Windows 11
B. PowerPoint
C. MS Word
D. Paint

Answer: A. Windows 11

Windows11 operating system is system software. 

2. Which of the following is an example of application software?
A. Operating System
B. Compiler
C. MS Word
D. Android

Answer: C. MS Word

3. Which provides a platform for running application software?
B. Peripherals
C. Firmware
D. Operating System

Answer: D. Operating System

4. Which type of application software is used in the billing system?
A. Specific Purpose
B. General Purpose
C. Customized
D. System Software​

Answer: B. General-purpose

♦  What is general-purpose application software?
• A General purpose application software is a type of application software that can be used for a wide range of tasks.

• General purpose application software is not limited to one particular function. It provides a large no of features for its users.

• For example, a word processor could be classed as general-purpose software as it would allow a user to write a novel, create a restaurant menu, or even make a poster.

• Examples of General purpose application software include Presentation, Spreadsheet, and Word processor software.

5. In which category of the software does the payroll application fit
A. Application Software
B. General Purpose
C. Customized
D. System Software​

Answer: A. Application Software

Payroll software is an example of application software that is used to manage, organize and automate employee payment.

• Payroll software tracks all payments and maintains all payment records.

6. Which type of application software is the Kaspersky
A. Application Software
B. System software
C. Business software
D. Security utility software

Answer: D. Security utility software

• Here Kaspersky is Antivirus software.
• An antivirus software is an example of Security utility software.

• Antivirus software, also known as anti-malware software. It is a computer program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware.

7. What type of application software is tally__
A. Application Software
B. System software
C. Business software
D. Security utility software

Answer: A. Application Software

Tally is a professional accounting application software that is used in many companies.

• It’s enabled us to do Accounting, Inventory Management with godowns management.

• It also supports GST features, Cheque Printing, and many more.

• In Tally ERP (Enterprise resource planning) 9 one can Manage your sales and Purchase bills.

8. mac os is an example of _
A. Shared software
B. Application software
C. System Software
D. Freeware software

Answer: B. Application software

macOS is a proprietary graphical operating system developed and marketed by Apple Inc.

• Since 2001. It is the primary operating system for Apple’s Mac computers.

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