Assam Launches MODI Initiative to Transform District Cleanliness

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In a pioneering step, Assam has introduced an innovative initiative named MODI (Most Outstanding District Initiative) aimed at revolutionizing solid waste management and sanitation practices across districts.

Assam Launches MODI Initiative to Transform District Cleanliness

Boosting District Cleanliness

Assam’s administration, under the leadership of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, has initiated the MODI drive to elevate the standards of district cleanliness.

The newly approved scheme has received the cabinet’s nod and is designed to enhance solid waste management and sanitation procedures.

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Incentives for Excellence

Chief Minister Sarma has announced a remarkable incentive for districts that excel under the MODI initiative.

The district that demonstrates the most outstanding performance in cleanliness will be awarded a substantial amount of Rs 100 crore for infrastructure development.

This rewarding gesture is poised to encourage districts to actively participate and compete in enhancing their cleanliness and sanitation measures.

Clear Evaluation Criteria

With precision and clarity, Chief Minister Sarma highlighted the comprehensive evaluation criteria for districts participating in the MODI initiative.

A total of 108 criteria will be taken into account, encompassing aspects such as overall cleanliness, efficient legacy waste disposal, and extensive availability of clean drinking water.

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Upcoming Timeline

Anticipating swift progress, Chief Minister Sarma has conveyed that the results of the MODI initiative will likely be announced by the first week of April 2024.

This timeline provides participating districts with a clear target and a sense of direction in their efforts to elevate cleanliness standards.

Guidelines and Collaboration

Detailed guidelines for the MODI initiative will be disseminated during the upcoming conference of district commissioners, scheduled for August 27. This collaborative approach ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed and aligned with the objectives of the initiative.

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Harnessing Technology for Safety

In a bid to bolster safety and security, Assam’s cabinet has approved the installation of 2,000 CCTV cameras across Guwahati.

This move supports the establishment of an Intelligent City Surveillance System that focuses on creating a citizen-friendly environment while enhancing safety, productivity, and law enforcement.

Assam’s Semiconductor Hub Aspiration

With a forward-looking approach, the cabinet has greenlit the Assam Electronics (Semiconductor, etc.) Policy, 2023.

This visionary policy is set to position Assam as a burgeoning hub for semiconductor manufacturing and electronics production.

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Policy Benefits and Scope

The policy brings forth a multitude of advantages, including attracting investments in semiconductor fabrication and design, generating employment opportunities, fostering a conducive ecosystem, ensuring market resilience, and driving export growth.

It is applicable to both new units falling under ‘Semiconductor Manufacturing’ and eligible industrial units seeking phased commissioning within prescribed time limits.

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Assam’s ambitious strides, as evidenced by the MODI initiative and the Semiconductor Policy, underscore the state’s commitment to progress, innovation, and sustainable growth. These initiatives stand to transform district cleanliness and technology-driven industries, propelling Assam toward a brighter and more prosperous future.

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