Awards and Honours MCQ 2022 Set 6

51. What is the name of the book recently released by Sportstar and The Hindu group at the 2022 Sportstar Aces Awards?
A. Road to success
B. Road to Rule
C. Road to 1000
D. Undivided Roadmap
Answer:C. Road to 1000

52. Which agency initiated the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) which organised the 5th edition of the Women Transforming India Awards (WTI)?
B. NITI Aayog
C. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
D. Ministry of Women and Child Development
Answer:B. NITI Aayog

53. Who has become the first para-athlete to receive the Padma Bhushan award?
A. Mariyappan Thangavelu
B. Sumit Antil
C. Sundar Singh Gurjar
D. Devendra Jhajharia
Answer:D. Devendra Jhajharia

54. In which field is the Abel Prize awarded?
A. Physics
B. Chemistry
C. Mathematics
D. Medicine
Answer:C. Mathematics

55. Which mathematician has been awarded the 2022 Abel Prize?
A. Avi Wigderson
B. László Lovász
C. Dennis Parnell Sullivan
D. Grigory Margulis
Answer:C. Dennis Parnell Sullivan.

56. President Ram Nath Kovind, will award the prestigious “President’s Colour” to which Indian Naval Ship (INS)?
A. INS Vibhuti
B. INS Vipul
C. INS Valsura
D. INS Kirpan
Answer:C. INS Valsura

57. Mario Marcel won the Governor of the Year Award at the Central Banking Awards 2022. He is the governor of the central bank of which country?
A. Brazil
B. Chile
C. Peru
D. South Africa
Answer:B. Chile

58. Who has won the 13th Greenstorm photography award organized in partnership with UNEP?
A. Mohamad Reza Masoumi
B. Frans Lanting
C. Nick Ut
D. Raghu Rai
Answer:A. Mohamad Reza Masoumi

59. Who has been awarded the Stockholm Water Prize 2022 for his groundbreaking work to quantify environmental evaporation?
A. Rafael L. Bras
B. Andrea Rinaldo
C. Wilfried Brutsaert
D. Peter S. Eagleson
Answer:C. Wilfried Brutsaert

60. Indian state project called MeghEA has been shortlisted for the UN Awards in the World Summit. The project relates to which field?
A. Governance and service delivery
B. Water Management
C. Environment
D. Agriculture
Answer:A. Governance and service delivery

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