Biology MCQ for competitive exams Set-1

1. Presbyopia is a visual defect caused by_
A. elongation of the eye ball
B. shortened curvature of the eye lens
C. weakening of the ciliary muscles
D. gradually increasing flexibility of the eye lens

2. Which one among the following animals does not undergo periodic moulting of their external body covering?
A. cockroach
B. cobra
C. earthworm
D. dragonfly

3.Which one among the following organs in humans is not involved in the elicitation of immune response?
A. thymus
B. brain
C. spleen
D. lymph nodes

4 From which part of turmeric, is the turmeric powder obtained?
A. dried rhizome
B. dried root
C. dried fruit
D. seed

5. Which one among the following substances is never excreted out through urine under normal circumstances in any healthy individual?
A. urea
B. sodium
C. amino acid
D. potassium

6. Which one among the following animals gives birth to the biggest baby?
A. elephant
B. rhinoceros
C. blue whale
D. hippopotamus

7. Muscles of which one among the following body parts contract slowly,but can remain contracted for a longer time?
A. face
B. arms
C. intestine
D. legs

8. Which one among the following diseases is not caused by polluted water?
A. dysentery
B. jaundice
C. typhoid
D. tuberculosis

9. Which one among the following animals is a mammal?
A. great Indian bustard
B. Gharial
C. platypus
D. Hornbill

10. The main thinking part of the brain is
A. Midbrain
B. hypothalamus
C. Forebrain
D. Hindbrain

Check out the Answers

1. C. weakening of the ciliary muscles
2. C. earthworm
3. B. brain4. A. dried rhizome
5. C. amino acid
6. C. blue whale
7. C. intestine
8. D. tuberculosis
9. C. platypus
10. C. Forebrain (Particularly Cerebrum)

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