Biology MCQ for Competitive exams Set-2

11. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the disease which causes the death of the largest number of people today is ?
B. Tuberculosis
C. Malaria
D. Ebola

12. Which one of the following statements regarding starch and cellulose is not correct?
A. Both of them are of plant origin
B. Both of them are polymer
C. Both of them give color with iodine
D. Both of them are made up of glucose molecules

13. The Hydrophilic nature of DNA is due to the presence of__
A. number of Hydrogen Bonds
B. Phosphate Group
C. Deoxyribose Sugar
D. Thymine Base

14. Sexual reproduction causes genetic variation because of?
A. Blending of Genes
B. Chromosomal Changes
C. Shuffling of Genes
D. All of the above

15. From the evolutionary point of view, which one among the following is the most primitive animal?
A. Dolphin
B. Otter
C. Turtle
D. Walrus

16. Homologous organs are?
A. Dissimilar origin and dissimilar structure
B. Dissimilar origin but similar function
C. Similar origin with similar or dissimilar function
D. Similar origin with dissimilar function

17. Evolutionary development of a species can be best studied by ?
A. DNA Analysis
B. Finding page by carbon dating
C. Studying fossils of this species
D. All of the above

18. When one gene pair hides the effect of the other unit, the phenomenon is referred to as ? [SSC Exam 2015]
A. Epistasis
B. Dominance
C. Mutation
D. None of the options

19. Analogous organs are ?
A. Similar in structure
B. Similar in function
C. Similar in structure and function both
D. Organ are non-function

20. The Stethoscope was invented by ?
A. Jenner
B. Sabin
C. Laennec
D. Pasteur

Checkout the Answers

11. B. Tuberculosis
12. C. Both of them give colour with iodine
13. B. Phosphate Group
14. D. All of the above
15. C Turtle
16. C. Similar origin with similar or dissimilar function
17. C. Studying fossils of this species
18. A. Epistasis
19. B. Similar in function
20. C. Laennec

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