Computer Output and Input devices with examples

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Hello friends, computer awareness is an important subject for every competitive exam. On this website, we will discuss all those important topics for upcoming competitive exams. Today’s article discusses examples of computer output and input devices.

What are Input Devices?

• As the name suggests Input means – “put (data) into a computer”. In computer systems, an input device is any device that is used to enter some data into the computer system.

• Input devices enable the user to send data in the form of information or control signals to the computer.

• A computer’s central processing unit (CPU) (Also known as the brain of a computer) receives input and processes it to produce output.

Example of the Input device

• Following are some important input devices used in computers –

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. Microphone
  4. Joy Stick
  5. Paddle (PC Gaming tool)
  6. Light pen
  7. Remote
  8. Webcam
  9. Biometric Devices
  10. Digitizer
  11. Scanner
  12. Track Ball
  13. Graphic Tablet
  14. Magnetic Ink Card Reader(MICR)
  15. Optical Character Reader(OCR)
  16. Bar Code Reader
  17. Optical Mark Reader(OMR)

What are Output Devices?

• In the case of a computer system, anything produced by the machine is called the output of the machine.

• The “output” of a computer is the processed data that is entered into the computer by a user or automated system through an input device.

• Output devices display the results of processing raw data entered into the computer through an input device.

• There are many output devices that display output in different ways, such as text, image, hard copy, and audio or video.

Example of Output device

• Following are some important output devices used in computers –

• All types of Computer Monitor like –

  1. LCD Monitor
  2. LED Monitor
  3. CRT Monitor
  4. Plasma Monitor

• All types of Printer like-

  1. Dot Matrix printers
  2. Inkjet printers
  3. Laser printers
  4. Daisy Wheel printers
  5. Line printers
  6. Impact Printers
  7. Chain printers
  8. Non-impact printers
  9. Drum printers
  10. Character Printers

• Projector
• Graphic Plotter
• Braille readers.
• Speakers
• Headphones
• Projectors
• GPS devices

Both Input–Output Devices:

• Some electronic devices act as both input and output devices, such as mobile or tablet touch screens. It acts as an input device when we put some data through the touch screen (like typing a message) and it acts as an output device when it displays some data (like watching a video on it).

Examples of both Input and Output devices

• The following serve as both input and output devices –

  1. Touch Screen
  2. Modems
  3. Network cards
  4. Audio Cards / Sound Card
  5. Headsets
    • Headset consists of speaker and microphone. The speaker acts as an output device and the microphone acts as an input device.
  6. Facsimile (FAX)
    • It has a scanner for scanning documents and also a printer for printing documents.

Previous year question

♦ A ____ is an input device, which is used for converting pictures, maps, and drawings into digital form for storage in computers. [SSC Graduate Level Tier-I Exam. 2012]

D. Digitizer

Answer: Digitizer
• A digitizer is an input device used to convert pictures, maps, and drawings into digital form for storage on a computer.

♦ Which device among the following works as both an Input and Output device? [RRB Office Assistant Mains 2021]

A. Network Cards
B. Keyboard
C. Scanner
D. Printer

Answer: A. Network Cards
• Network cards is also known as Local area Network card, It works as both input as well and output devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Computer Output and Input devices

Q1. Is CPU input or output device?

Answer: The CPU is the main processing unit of the computer. It is responsible for executing a sequence of stored instructions called a program.

Q2. Is the scanner an output or an input?

Answer: scanner or optical scanner is a computer input device.

Q3. What are the examples of 10 output devices?

Answer: Monitors, Printers, Speakers, Headphones, Projectors, GPS devices, Braille readers, and Graphic Plotter.

Q4. Is the USB flash drive an input or output device?

Answer: A USB flash drive is a secondary Storage Device. A flash drive serves as both an input and output device. It acts as an input device when you are copying files from it and as an output device when you are copying files to it.

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