Countries and their Parliament Names MCQ Part 2 [50 MCQs]

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Countries and their Parliament Names MCQ SET 6

51. The Parliament of Jordan is _.
A. Majlis-al-Nawab
B. Majlis-al-Umma
C. Majlis Shura
D. Majlis-e-Shoora

Answer – B. Majlis-al-Umma

52. The name of the Japanese Parliament is:
A. Majlis
B. Knesset
C. Doma
D. Diet

Answer –D. Diet

53. The Parliament of Poland is called Sejm. What is the Name of the Parliament of Romania?
A. Storting
B. People’s Congress
C. Grand National Assembly
D. Riksdag

Answer – C. Grand National Assembly

54. Parliament of Brazil is:
A. Negeri
B. People’s Assembly
C. Federal Assembly
D. National Congress

Answer –D. National Congress

55. The name of the Uzbekistan Parliament is:
A. Dewan Rakyat
B. None of these
C. Oily Majlis
D. Panchayat

Answer – C. Oily Majlis

56. The Parliament of Austria is called __
A. Federal Assembly
B. National People’s Assembly
C. Parliament
D. National Congress

Answer –A. Federal Assembly

57. Name of the Kazakhstan Parliament is:
A. Mazhilis
B. Assembly
C. Congress
D. None of these

Answer –A. Mazhilis

58. Bundesrat is the parliament of _.
A. Cartes
B. Diet
C. Germany
D. States General

Answer –C. Germany

59. What is the name of the Parliament of Burma?
A. Folketing
B. Land Straad
C. Shergo
D. Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

Answer –D. Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

60. Which of the following is called the “Mother of Parliaments”?
A. The British Parliament
B. The American Parliament
C. The Japanese Parliament
D. The German Parliament

Answer –A. The British Parliament

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