Days and Themes MCQ 2022 Set 10

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91. ‘National Safe Motherhood Day’ is observed every year on which date?
A. 13 April
B. 11 April
C. 12 April
D. 14 April

Answer:B. 11 April

92. World Parkinson’s Disease Day is observed annually on April 11. The disease is related to which of the following?
A. Skin
B. Spine
C. Nervous System
D. Bones

Answer:C. Nervous System

93. Palm Sunday was celebrated recently, marking the beginning of which event in Christianity?
A. Good Friday
B. All Saints’ Day
C. Epiphany
D. Easter

Answer:D. Easter

• Easter Day: 9 April

94. On which date is the International Day of Human Space Flight is celebrated annually?
A. 19th April
B. 15th April
C. 13th April
D. 12th April

Answer:D. 12th April

95. Indian Army marks Siachen Day on April 13 every year to commemorate which operation?
A. Operation Khanjar
B. Operation Shakuntala
C. Operation Meghdoot
D. Operation Chanakya

Answer:C. Operation Meghdoot

96. Which state announced to celebrate April 14 as ‘Equality Day’ In Memory Of Dr.. B.R Ambedkar?
A. Kerala
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu

Answer:D. Tamil Nadu

97. World Chagas Disease Day is observed on which date to raise public awareness and visibility among people about Chagas Disease?
A. 12th April
B. 18th April
C. 14th April
D. 16th April

Answer:C. 14th April

98. Himachal Pradesh celebrated its foundation day on which date?
A. 15th April
B. 20th April
C. 16th April
D. 17th April

Answer:A. 15th April

99. To honour whose birthday World Art Day is observed every year on 15 April globally?
A. Leonardo da Vinci
B. Raffaello Sanzio
C. Claude Monet
D. Pablo Picasso

Answer:A. Leonardo da Vinci

100. World Heritage Day is observed annually on which date?
A. 20 April
B. 21 April
C. 18 April
D. 19 April

Answer:C. 18 April

Theme of World Heritage Day 2022: Heritage and Climate

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