Days and Themes MCQ 2022 Set 11

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101. On which date the Elephant Day is celebrated?
A. 15th April
B. 16th April
C. 18th April
D. 19th April

Answer:B. 16th April

102. What is the theme of World Heritage Day 2022?
A. Heritage and Climate
B. Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures
C. Rural Landscapes
D. Heritage for Generations

Answer:A. Heritage and Climate

103. World Hemophilia Day is observed globally on which date every year?
A. 15th April
B. 12th April
C. 17th April
D. 19th April

Answer:C. 17th April

104. Which state has announced the birth anniversary of Sri Siddalinga Swami as Integration Day?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Karnataka
D. Andhra Pradesh

Answer:C. Karnataka

105. National Civil Services Day is celebrated every year on which date in India?
A. 20 April
B. 21 April
C. 22 April
D. 29 April

Answer:B. 21 April

106. World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated on which date annually?
A. 20th April
B. 21st April
C. 22nd April
D. 18th April

Answer:21st April

107. UN Chinese Language Day was observed on April 20 annually. What is the theme for this year?
A. Language of spring
B. People at the center
C. China Chic
D. Tribute to Cangjie

Answer:C. China Chic

108. What is the theme of World Earth Day 2022 observed on 22nd April?
A. Invest in our planet
B. “Restore Our Earth”.
C. We and Climate Change
D. Climate Change, a monster

Answer:A. Invest in our planet

109. On which date is World Book and Copyright Day observed?
A. 23rd April
B. 24th April
C. 25th April
D. 27th April

Answer:A. 23rd April

110. On which date is World Malaria Day observed?
A. 29th April
B. 25th April
C. 28th April
D. 23th April

Answer:B. 25th April

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