Days and Themes MCQ 2022 Set 13

121. On which date is the Coal Miners Day observed?
A. 3rd May
B. 4th May
C. 5th May
D. 6th May

Answer:B. 4th May

122. On which date is the World Red Cross Day observed globally?
A. 8th May
B. 5th May
C. 8th May
D. 10th May

Answer:C. 8th May

123. The Border Roads Organisation celebrated its 62nd raising day on which date?
A. 5th May
B. 6th May
C. 7th May
D. 8th May
Answer:C. 7th May

124. World Thalassemia Day is observed on which date?
A. 9th May
B. 8th May
C. 10th May
D. 12th May

Answer:B. 8th May

125. National Technology Day is celebrated on which date?
A. 9th May
B. 13th May
C. 11th May
D. 14th May

Answer: C. 11th May

126. What is the rheme of the World Red Cross Day 2022?


127. On which date is International Nurses’ Day observed?
A. 10th May
B. 12th May
C. 9th May
D. 11th May

Answer:B. 12th May

128. World Migratory Bird Day was celebrated on which date in 2022?
A. 12th May
B. 13th May
C. 14th May
D. 15th May

Answer:C. 14th May

129. Sikkim recently celebrated its statehood day on which date?
A. 13th May
B. 14th May
C. 15th May
D. 16th May

Answer:D. 16th May

130. What is the theme of International Day of Families ? (celebrated every year on 15th May)
A. Love, Care and Share
B. Family Together
C. Families and Urbanization
D. Protection and care

Answer:C. Families and Urbanization

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