Days and Themes MCQ 2022 Set 15

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141. Anti-Terrorism Day is marked every year on which date in India?
A. 19th May
B. 20th May
C. 21st May
D. 22nd May

Answer:C. 21st May

142. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is observed on which date?
A. 20th May
B. 21st May
C. 22nd May
D. 23rd May

Answer:B. 21st May

143. World Turtle Day is observed annually on which date?
A. 23rd May
B. 26th May
C. 25th May
D. 27th May

Answer: A. 23rd May

144. When is World Thyroid Day observed across the globe?
A. 28th May
B. 24th May
C. 25th May
D. 27th May

Answer:C. 25th May

145. On which date is the International Day of UN Peacekeepers is observed globally?
A. 25th May
B. 28th May
C. 29th May
D. 23rd May

Answer:C. 29th May

146. The World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) observed on which date?
A. 22 May
B. 27 May
C. 31 May
D. 28 May

Answer:C. 31 May

147. On which date is the Goa statehood day celebrated?
A. 23rd May
B. 30th May
C. 29th May
D. 25th May

Answer:B. 30th May

148. Which day is celebrated as World Milk Day?
A. June 1
B. June 4
C. June 8
D. June 5

Answer:A. June 1

149. When does Telangana celebrate its formation day?
A. 1st June
B. 3rd June
C. 2nd June
D. 4th June

Answer:C. 2nd June

150. What has been chosen as the theme of the eighth International Day of Yoga to be organised in India?
A. Yoga for Humanity
B. Yoga for Heath
C. Yoga for Happiness
D. Yoga for self well-being

Answer:C. Yoga for Humanity

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