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Download the PDF version of “A Mirror of Common Error” by Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh for free. This is one of the best English grammar books for Hindi medium students preparing for competitive exams such as SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, Bank, CUET, and more. The book is an excellent resource for detecting common English grammar errors, a skill that is essential for success in these exams. Questions related to identifying and correcting English grammar errors are often included in these competitive exam papers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your English language skills with this invaluable resource.

A Mirror of Common Errors English PDF Contents

A, An, The, Idiomatic Uses of ‘A / An’, Difference ‘A’ and ‘An’, Uses of ‘The’, Omission of Articles. Problems, Answers, Explanations

Nouns & Cases
Case- Definition, Types, Possessive Case, Uses of Apostrophe ‘S’ (‘s), Problems, Answer, Explanations

Nouns & Numbers
Nouns and Numbers – Singular Nouns, Singular and Plural Nouns (No change in form), Plural Nouns, Singular-Plural Formation, Uses of Singular Nouns, Uses of Plural Nouns, Problems, Answers, Explanations

Subject – Verb Agreement
Subject – Verb Agreement, Problems, Answers, Explanations

Time & Tenses
Present Tense – Present Indefinite, Present Imperfect/Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Tense – Past Indefinite, Past Imperfect/Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous, Future Tense – Future Indefinite, Future Imperfect/Continuous, Future Perfect, Problems, Answer, Explanations

Pronouns – Definition, Classification, Uses of Personal Pronouns, Uses of Objective Case Pronouns, ‘Than’ and the Case, Distributive, Reciprocal, Demonstrative, Reflexive, Emphatic, Relative, Uses of who / Which / that etc Who / Whom, Interrogative, Exclamatory, Problems, Answer, Explanations

Adjectives – Definition, Classification, Proper Adjective, Distributive, Use of each, every, neither, each and every, Demonstrative, Numeral, Order of Numerals, Quantitative, Order of Indefinite Numerals and Definite Numerals, Qualitative, Interrogative, Degree of Comparison, Some Important Facts : Comparatively / Relatively, Enough, Interchanges of Degrees, Problems, Answers, Explanations

Verbs – Auxiliary Verbs, Primary Auxiliaries, Modal Auxiliaries, Main Verbs / Principal Verbs, Infinitives – Uses of Infinitives, Uses of Infinitives (without ‘to’) or (Bare Infinitives), Participles, Problems, Answers, Explanations

Classification, Simple Adverbs, Interrogative Adverbs, Relative Adverbs, Some Important Adverbs and their uses, Position of Adverbs, Inversion, Problems

Some important Conjunctions and their uses, Problems, Answer Explanations

Superfluous Expressions & Slang

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▪ File Name- A Mirror of Common Errors English PDF
▪ File Type - PDF
▪ Quality - Good
▪ No. of Page - 145
▪ Category - General Science  PDF
▪ Author-  Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh
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