Facts about cells

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Here is the important facts about animal and plant cells.

Sl.No Important Fact about Cell
1. Smallest living cell Mycoplasma (0.1 – 0.5um)
2. Smallest living cell that completely lacks a cell wall Mycoplasma
3. Smallest Bacteria Dialister Pneumosintes
4. Smallest organism with cell wall Dialister Pneumosintes
5. Largest cell in the Human body Female Egg
6. Smallest cell in Human body Male Sperm
7. Largest Unicellular Plant Acetabularia green algae
8. Longest cell in Human Motor Neurons (Up to 4.5 Feet).
9. Largest Prokaryotic cell Spirillum Volutans
10. Longest Plant Cell Fibre of Ramie (55cm)
11. Largest single celled organism in Animal Kingdom Egg of Ostrich.
12. Smaller cells are more active than larger cells
13. Blood cells without a Nucleus Mature red blood corpuscles (RBCs)
14. In an Active cell , the Nucleus is larger in proportion of Cytoplasm
15. In a Dormant cell , the Nucleus much smaller
16. In a Dividing cell , both Nucleus and Cytoplasm are doubled in volume
17. The longest cells in the human body . motor Neurons
18. Study of cell is known as Cytology
19. Term Cytology Coined by Hertwing
20. Father of Cytology Robert Hooke
21. Cell theory was given by Schleiden & Schwann
22. Cell theory was extended by Rudlof Virchow
23. First Cell discovered by Robert Hooke
24. First Cell discovered from a Piece of Cork (Dead Cell)
25. First Living cell discovered by Antoni Vonn Leeuwenhoeck
26. First Living cell discovered by Antoni Vonn Leeuwenhoeck known as Wild Animalcules
27. Cell is a Latin Word; it means . Hollow Space/Little Room
28. A cell contain 70% of Water

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