Father of Various Field related to Biology

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S.No Field Father
1 Blood circulation William Harvey
2 Blood groups Karl Landsteiner
3 Bacteriology Koch
4 Protozoology Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
5 Microbiology Antony Van Leeuwenhoek
6 Zoology Aristotle
7 Biology Aristotle
8 Embryology Aristotle
9 Antibiotics Alexander Fleming
10 Ayurveda Charaka
11 Biochemical genetics Archibald Garrod
12 Biochemistry Justus vol Liebig
13 Botany Theophrastus
14 Chromatography Micheal Tswett
15 Comparative anatomy Georges Cuvier
16 Cytology Robert Hooke
17 Modern Cytology Swansan
18 ECG Einthoven
19 Ecology Theophrastus
20 Endocrinology Thomas Addison
21 Eugenics Francis Galton
22 Experimental genetics Thomas Hunt Morgan
23 Gene Therapy Anderson
24 Genetic engineering Paul Berg
25 Genetics Gregor Johann Mendel
26 Biochemical/Human Genetics Archibald Garrod
27 Histology Xavier Bichat
28 Homeopathy Hahnemann
29 Immunology Edward Jenner
30 Indian palaeobotany Birbal Sahni
31 Medicine Hippocrates
32 Herpetology John Edwards Holbrook
33 Microbiology Louis Pasteur
34 Microscopic Anatomy Marcello Malpighi
35 Modern embryology Von Baer
36 Modern genetics William Bateson
37 Modern palaeontology Georges Cuvier
38 Palaeontology Leonardo da Vinci
39 Parasitology Platter
40 Surgery Susruta
41 Antiseptic Surgery Joseph Lister
42 Taxonomy Carolus Linnaeus
43 Tissue culture Harrison
44 Virology Wendell M. Stanley
45 Ichthyology Peter Artedi
46 Concept of Evolution Ampedocles
47 Medicine Hippocrates
48 Anatomy Andreas Veaslius
49 Comparative Anatomy George Cuvier
50 Plant Anatomy N.Grew
51 Histology Francois Bichat
52 Cytology Robert Hooke
53 Epidemiology John Snow
54 Plant Physiology Stephen Hales
55 Experimental Physiology Galen
56 Mycology Micheli
57 Bryology Hedwig
58 Plant Pathology De Bary
59 Palynology Erdtman
60 Stress Physiology Hans Selye
61 Conditioned Reflexes Pavlov
62 Gerontology Korenchevsk
63 Modern Paleontology Cuvier
64 Ethology Konard Lorentz
65 Chemotherapy Paul Ehlrich
66 Polygenic Inheritence Kolreuter
67 DNA Printing Alee Jeffreys

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