Fundamental Rights of Indian Constitutions

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Fundamental Rights
1. Right to equality
(Articles 14–18)
Equality before law and equal protection of laws Article 14
Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth Article 15
Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment Article 16
Abolition of untouchability and prohibition of its practice Article 17
Abolition of titles except military and academic Article 18
2. Right to freedom
(Articles 19–22)
Protection of six rights regarding freedom of
1. Speech and Expression
2. Assembly
3. Association
4. Movement
5. Residence
6. Profession
Article 19
Protection in respect of conviction for offences Article 20
Protection of life and personal liberty Article 21
Right to elementary education Article 21A
Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases Article 22
3. Right against exploitation
Articles 23–24
Prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour Article 23
Prohibition of employment of children in factories Article 24
4. Right to freedom of religion
(Article 25–28)
) Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion Article 25
Freedom to manage religious affairs Article 26
Freedom from payment of taxes for promotion of any religion Article 27
Freedom from attendingreligious instruction or worship in certain educational institutions Article 28
5. Cultural and educational rights
(Articles 29–30)
Protection of language, script and culture of minorities Article 29
Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions Article 30
6. Right to constitutional remedies
(Article 32)
Right to move the Supreme Court for the enforcement of fundamental rights including the writs of
1. habeas corpus
2. mandamus
3. prohibition
4. certiorari
5. quo war-rento
Article 32

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