General Science


Living World

Father of Various Field related to Biology  

Virus , Bacteria (Microorganisms)

List of disease Caused by Virus 

List of disease caused by Bacteria  

Microorganisms used in Food Industry

Cell the Unit of Life

•  Important Fact about cell organelle

•  Facts about cells 

•  Difference between Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic cells 

Cell Theory


Plant Kingdom

Algae [Based on NCERT]

Plant Morphology

•  Modification of Stem

Various cross pollination methods 

Types of fruits and their edible parts


•  Biomolecules – Proteins  

Amino acids

Food and Nutrients

Chemical name and source of Vitamins 

Deficiency disease of vitamins  

Anatomy of Human Body

• Human Skeletal Systems


Units and Measurements

Units / System of Units  

Scalar and Vector Quantities 

Unit and Measurements , Physical Quantities


Force and Laws of Motion


 Work, Power and Energy

 Centre of Mass and Rotational Motion

 Mechanical Properties of Solids

 Mechanical Properties of Fluids

 Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)

 Heat, Temperature and Thermodynamics

 Wave Motion and Sound

• Types of Waves  

Characteristics of Sound – Loudness | Pitch | Quality | Intensity

 Ray Optics

• Image formed by plane mirror


 Current Electricity and its Effects

 Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism

 Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity



 Our Universe



Chemistry in Daily Life

Some common Artificial Sweetener  

Use of some common medicinal drugs  


Classifications of Polymers 

Matter and its States

Atomic Structure

Bonding and Chemical Reactions

Acids, Bases and Salts

Solutions and Colloids

Gaseous State

Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium


Classification of Elements

Hydrogen and its Compounds

Metals and Their Compounds

Extraction of Solids

Non-metals and Their Compounds

Fuels, Combustion and Flames

Organic Compounds

Food Chemistry