Difference between Galvanic cell and Electrolytic cell

Difference between Galvanic cell and Electrolytic cell

Here is the key difference between galvanic cell and electrolytic cell on the basis of energy conversion, Redox Reaction, Polarity, Electron Flow, Material, Ions Discharge, Electrons Supply, Chemical Reaction, and Uses. What is Galvanic Cell? • A galvanic cell generates electricity through spontaneous oxidation-reduction chemical reaction. It converts Chemical energy into electrical energy. • A …

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List of Artificial Sweeteners

Here is the “List of Artificial Sweeteners” their uses and side effects. It is a sub-topic of “chemistry in everyday life” . What are artificial sweeteners? ➧ The Artificial sweetener is a type of chemical compound. These are many times sweeter than ordinary sugar.  Artificial sweeteners used as an alternative to table sugar. It has …

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Acids present in fruits and vegetables (updated list)

Acids present in fruits and vegetables: Acids present in various food items are the only acid that can be eaten. These acids are responsible for the sharpness of the taste of any food. These acids are present in some amounts in all fruits and vegetables. Many of the acids found in vegetables are also found …

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Common Vitriols List | Chemistry Note

What is meant by Vitriol ? • A vitriol is the general name of some chemical compound comprising sulfates of certain metals – originally, iron or copper. How a vitriol is detected by color? • The most common method to identify a vitriol is color of the vitriol. The mineral substances present in the vitriol …

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Use of some common medicinal drugs

•The principles of chemistry have been used for the benefit of mankind. • If we look closer at our daily life there are numerous things that works on the principle of chemistry.♦ Some of the common materials are… • Drugs for making medicine • Cleanliness materials like – Soaps, detergents • Household Bleaches • Tooth …

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