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Download the Indian Geography Notes PDF in English book for free, containing concise and to-the-point notes that are ideal for rapid revision for UPSC, SSC, Banks, and other government job entrance examinations.

This comprehensive book covers a wide range of topics related to Indian geography, making it an excellent resource for those preparing for competitive exams. Whether you’re a student or a professional, the Indian Geography Notes PDF in English book is an invaluable study tool for improving your knowledge and increasing your chances of success in the exam. So why wait? Download your copy today and start preparing for the exam!

Indian Geography Notes PDF in English Contents

The PDF File covers the following essential topics

Geographical Extent and Frontiers
Geographical Extent : 8o 4′ North to 37o 6′ North Latitude and 68o 7′ East to 97o 25′ East Longitude.

Structure and Physiography of India
The age of the Earth is estimated to be around 4.6 billion years. Throughout its history, the planet has experienced numerous transformations largely influenced by internal and external forces known as endogenic and exogenic forces, respectively.

Drainage System
The movement of water through clearly defined pathways is referred to as “drainage,” while the interconnected network of such pathways is commonly called a “drainage system.”

The term “weather” describes the current and temporary conditions of the atmosphere, which can change rapidly. On the other hand, “climate” refers to the average weather patterns over an extended period of time.

Indian Monsoon
The Monsoon season begins when the Tropic of Cancer receives direct and intense sunlight during April and May. As a result, the vast landmass in the northern region of the Indian Ocean becomes highly heated, leading to the formation of a low-pressure system in the northwestern part of the subcontinent.

Natural Vegetation
When plant communities are left undisturbed for extended periods, they develop into natural vegetation. This refers to a collection of plants that have adapted over time to their specific climate and soil conditions.

The mixture of rock debris and organic materials develops on the earth’s surface.

Rabi: The Rabi season commences after the conclusion of the monsoon season, typically around September to October, and lasts until the harvesting period in February to March. During this season, crops such as wheat, barley, pulses, and certain types of oilseeds are cultivated.

Minerals generally occur in the Earth’s crust in the form of ore. It is mined, extracted, processed, and utilized for the economic benefit of society.

Factors responsible for the location of Industries :
Raw Material: Industries using weight-losing raw materials are located in the regions where raw materials are located.

Natural Hazards and Disasters
Disasters: Disasters are events that occur due to forces mostly beyond human control, and they often strike swiftly and without warning. These occurrences can cause significant disruptions to life and property, posing a serious threat to safety and well-being.

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