Unveiling India’s First 8-Lane Elevated Expressway: A First Glimpse

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India’s first elevated highway, the Dwarka Expressway, stands as a pioneering infrastructure project that aims to revolutionize urban connectivity. Spanning 29 kilometers, this visionary expressway is designed to alleviate congestion and enhance travel efficiency in and around Delhi.

Unveiling India's First 8-Lane Elevated Expressway

Dwarka Expressway: Accelerating Urban Connectivity

▪ Union Minister Nitin Gadkari led an inspection of the ongoing construction work of the 29-km-long Dwarka expressway.

The project, costing Rs 10,000 crore, is remarkably close to completion at 75-90%, as affirmed by Gadkari during the inspection.

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▪ The anticipated timeline for completion is a mere three to four months, with the target of opening before December.

▪ The Dwarka Expressway stands as the country’s inaugural elevated urban expressway and the first single-pillar flyover boasting eight lanes.

▪ This transformative project aims to drastically cut commuting time from Dwarka to IGI Airport to a mere five minutes, enhancing the ease of travel for Gurgaon residents.

▪ The expressway is an integral part of a comprehensive 65,000-crore plan aimed at alleviating congestion in Delhi and its neighboring areas.

First Glimpse of India’s First 8-Lane Elevated Expressway

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari provided a sneak peek into India’s pioneering project, the Dwarka Expressway – the nation’s inaugural elevated road. As the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Gadkari lauded the expressway as an engineering marvel and a cutting-edge venture.

“Marvel of Engineering: The Dwarka Expressway! A State-of-the-Art Journey into the Future,” Gadkari wrote while sharing the video on X. (formerly Twitter).

Project Packages Progress

▪ The ambitious project is strategically divided into four packages, each showcasing considerable progress:

▪ The first package from Shiv Murti near Mahipalpur to Dwarka stands at around 60% completion.

▪ The second package extending from Dwarka Urban Extension Road to Bajghera shows progress at approximately 80%.

▪ The third package from Bajghera to Basai rail overbridge (Delhi-Haryana border) is nearly 90% complete.

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▪ The fourth and final package from Basai ROB to Kherki Daula is impressively at 99% completion.

▪ The expressway’s thoughtful design incorporates six lanes of service road, enhancing convenience for Gurgaon’s residents.

▪ An impressive facet of the project includes a 3.6-km tunnel, notably the nation’s widest 8-lane tunnel. This tunnel will facilitate the remarkable feat of traveling from Dwarka to IGI Airport Terminal 3 in a mere five minutes.

Features of Dwarka Expressway

▪ The upcoming expressway, spanning 18.9 km in Haryana and 10.1 km in the national capital, is an impressive infrastructure project.

▪ Estimated at ₹9,000 crores, this 34-meter wide roadway is a unique engineering feat as it rests upon a single pillar.

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Originating from Shiv Murti on NH48 and concluding at the Kherki Daula Toll Plaza, the expressway is designed with a comprehensive four-level road system.

▪ This innovative layout seamlessly integrates various features such as flyovers, tunnels, underpasses, grade roads, elevated stretches, and additional flyovers.

▪ Complementing this, dual three-lane service roads are being meticulously constructed on both sides of the main thoroughfare.

The holistic design approach ensures that the expressway harmoniously accommodates diverse transportation needs, aiming for efficiency and convenience.

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