India’s First Underwater Metro Service to open in Kolkata on March 6

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On the 6th of March 2024, Kolkata witnessed a momentous occasion when Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the inaugural underwater metro section in India.

This extraordinary engineering achievement covers a stretch of 16.6 kilometers beneath the Hooghly River, linking the twin cities of Kolkata – Howrah and Salt Lake.

Kolkata Underwater Metro – Overview

Tunnel Length4.8 km
River Crossing520 meters
Travel Time Under River45 seconds
Deepest StationHowrah Maidan (33 meters below surface)
Under the RiverHoogly
Total East-West Metro Length16.6 km
Underground Portion10.8 km
Anticipated Commercial Operation StartJune/July 2024
Inaugurated byPM Narendra Modi (6th March)

Underwater Tunnel

  • The metro tunnel stretches beneath the Hooghly River, marking a significant milestone as the first tunnel under a major river in India.
  • Extending an impressive length of 4.8 kilometers, it establishes a vital connection from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade as an integral component of the East-West Metro. corridor.

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Deep Station

  • The Howrah metro station stands out not only as India’s initial underwater station but also claims the title of being the deepest.
  • Positioned on the east bank of the Hooghly River, it contrasts with Salt Lake City, situated on the river’s west bank.

Speedy Commute

  • Anticipated to traverse a 520-meter segment beneath the Hooghly River, the underwater metro is balanced to cover this distance swiftly, completing the journey in a mere 45 seconds.

Automatic Train Operation (ATO)

  • The metro system employs ATO (Automatic Train Operation), signifying that the train advances automatically to the subsequent station once the motorman presses a button.

East-West Metro

  • Within the extensive East-West Metro stretch covering 16.6 kilometers, a substantial 10.8 kilometers are located underground, encompassing the tunnel beneath the Hooghly River. The remaining portion of the route extends above ground.

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Commercial Operations

  • Kolkata Metro has set its sights on commencing commercial operations for the complete East-West route, connecting Salt Lake Sector V to Howrah Maidan, tentatively scheduled for around June or July.

The inauguration ceremony unfolded as a splendid celebration, symbolizing a momentous stride in India’s infrastructure development and revolutionizing city commuting. As the doors swung open for this groundbreaking underwater metro service, the world observed with eager anticipation.


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