Jnanpith Awards Winners List from 1965 to 2023, with Major Key Facts

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Explore the Jnanpith Awards Winners List from 1965 to 2024, with Major Key Facts. The Jnanpith Award is a prestigious literary award in India, given annually to authors for their outstanding contributions to literature. The award has been given since 1961 in various Indian languages.

The most recent award recipients for 2023 are Jagadguru Swami Rambhadracharya for Sanskrit and Shri Gulzar.

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Question: Which Indian state has received the highest number of Jnanpith Awards?

A. Maharashtra
B. Karnataka
C. Tamil Nadu
D. West Bengal

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Please refer to this article for further information and a comprehensive list of previous winners. Furthermore, you can also discover which language has received the most Jnanpith awards and all relevant facts about the Jnanpith award, also known as the Gayanpith award.

Full list of Jnanpith Awards Winners 1965 to 2023

1965 (1st)G. Sankara KurupMalayalam
1966 (2nd)Tarasankar BandyopadhyayBengali
1967 (3rd)Umashankar JoshiGujarati
1967 (3rd)Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa ‘Kuvempu’Kannada
1968 (4th)Sumitranandan PantHindi
1969 (5th)Firaq GorakhpuriUrdu
1970 (6th)Viswanatha SatyanarayanaTelugu
1971 (7th)Bishnu DeyBengali
1972 (8th)Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’Hindi
1973 (9th)D. R. BendreKannada
1973 (9th)Gopinath MohantyOdia
1974 (10th)Vishnu Sakharam KhandekarMarathi
1975 (11th)AkilanTamil
1976 (12th)Ashapoorna DeviBengali
1977 (13th)K. Shivaram KaranthKannada
1978 (14th)Sachchidananda VatsyayanHindi
1979 (15th)Birendra Kumar BhattacharyaAssamese
1980 (16th)S. K. PottekkattMalayalam
1981 (17th)Amrita PritamPunjabi
1982 (18th)Mahadevi VarmaHindi
1983 (19th)Masti Venkatesha IyengarKannada
1984 (20th)Thakazhi Sivasankara PillaiMalayalam
1985 (21st)Pannalal PatelGujarati
1986 (22nd)Sachidananda RoutrayOdia
1987 (23rd)Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar ‘Kusumagraj’Marathi
1988 (24th)C. Narayana ReddyTelugu
1989 (25th)Qurratulain HyderUrdu
1990 (26th)Vinayaka Krishna GokakKannada
1991 (27th)Subhash MukhopadhyayBengali
1992 (28th)Naresh MehtaHindi
1993 (29th)Sitakant MahapatraOdia
1994 (30th)U. R. AnanthamurthyKannada
1995 (31st)M. T. Vasudevan NairMalayalam
1996 (32nd)Mahasweta DeviBengali
1997 (33rd)Ali Sardar JafriUrdu
1998 (34th)Girish KarnadKannada
1999 (35th)Nirmal VermaHindi
1999 (35th)Gurdial SinghPunjabi
2000 (36th)Mamoni Raisom GoswamiAssamese
2001 (37th)Rajendra ShahGujarati
2002 (38th)JayakanthanTamil
2003 (39th)Vinda KarandikarMarathi
2004 (40th)Rehman RahiKashmiri
2005 (41st)Kunwar NarayanHindi
2006 (42nd)Ravindra KelekarKonkani
2006 (42nd)Satya Vrat ShastriSanskrit
2007 (43rd)O. N. V. KurupMalayalam
2008 (44th)Akhlaq Mohammed Khan ‘Shahryar’Urdu
2009 (45th)AmarkantHindi
2009 (45th)Sri Lal SuklaHindi
2010 (46th)Chandrashekhara KambaraKannada
2011 (47th)Pratibha RayOdia
2012 (48th)Ravuri BharadhwajaTelugu
2013 (49th)Kedarnath SinghHindi
2014 (50th)Bhalchandra NemadeMarathi
2015 (51st)Raghuveer ChaudhariGujarati
2016 (52nd)Shankha GhoshBengali
2017 (53rd)Krishna SobtiHindi
2018 (54th)Amitav GhoshEnglish
2019 (55th)Akkitham Achuthan NamboothiriMalayalam
2021 (56th)Nilamani PhookanAssamese
2022 (57th)Damodar MauzoKonkani
2023 (58th)Jagadguru Swami RambhadracharyaSanskrit
Shri GulzarUrdu

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Jnanpith Award Major Facts Infographic

Latest Jnanpith Award winner


💢 The 58th Jnanpith Award for 2023 has been awarded to Jagadguru Swami Rambhadracharya for Sanskrit and Shri Gulzar for Urdu.

💢 Jagadguru Rambhadracharya, the founder and head of Tulsi Peeth in Chitrakoot, is a distinguished Hindu spiritual leader, educator, and author of over 100 books.

💢 Shri Gulzar, celebrated for his contributions to Hindi cinema, is recognized as one of the finest Urdu poets. 🏆📚

Uncover Complete Details: Winners of 58th Jnanpith Award 2023: Key Details

Number of award recipients by language

☛ As of 2023, Hindi has received the most Jnanpith awards, with 11 awarded in the language. You can find the list below.

▪ Assamese – 3 times
▪ Konkani – 2 times
▪ Malayalam – 6 times
▪ Bengali – 6 times
▪ English – 1 time
▪ Gujarati – 4 times
▪ Hindi – 11 times
▪ Marathi – 4 times
▪ Kannada – 8 times
▪ Telugu – 3 times
▪ Urdu – 4 times
▪ Odia – 4 times

• The Jnanpith Award was only given once to an English-language writer, Amitav Ghosh, in 2018.

In 2018, Amitav Ghosh received the prestigious 54th Jnanpith Award for his exceptional literary contributions in the English language.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Who is the recipient of the Jnanpith Award 2021?

Answer: Eminent Konkani writer Damodar Mauzo was conferred the 57th Jnanpith Award in 2021.

Question 2: Who is the recipient of the Jnanpith Award 2020?

Answer: Nilamani Phookan has been conferred with the 56th Jnanpith Award in 2020.

Question 3: Who got the first Jnanpith Award?

Answer: G. Sankara Kurup (in 1965)

Question 4: Which language won the most Jnanpith Awards?

Answer: Until 2021, most Jnanpith Awards were presented for works in Hindi. However, the Jnanpith Award had only been granted in English once. In 2018, Amitav Ghosh was honoured as the recipient of the 54th Jnanpith Award for his contributions to English literature.

Question 5: Why is the Jnanpith Award given?

Answer: The Jnanpith Award is the oldest and the highest Indian literary award presented annually by the Bharatiya Jnanpith to an author for their “outstanding contribution towards literature”.

Question 6: Who is the latest recipient of the Jnanpith Award of 2023?

The latest awardees of the Jnanpith Award include Sanskrit scholar Rambhadracharya and Urdu writer and renowned Bollywood lyricist Gulzar, jointly honoured for their exceptional contributions to the field of literature in the year 2023.


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