Maharashtra Tops in Mutual Fund Investments: Q2FY24 Insights Unveiled

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Unveiling the Financial Powerhouses – Maharashtra Takes the Lead in Mutual Fund Investments

Maharashtra’s Mutual Fund Triumph

In a financial landscape defined by mutual fund prowess, Maharashtra emerges as the undisputed leader during the July-September Quarter of Fiscal Year 2024 (Q2FY24).

Maharashtra Tops in Mutual Fund Investments

According to the latest data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), Maharashtra takes the lead with a formidable equity asset of Rs 7.47 lakh crore, constituting a substantial portion of the industry’s total equity asset, pegged at Rs 25.85 lakh crore.

Regional Dynamics: Gujarat and Karnataka Follow Suit

Gujarat’s Financial Ascendancy

  • Gujarat claims the second position with an impressive equity asset of Rs 2.21 lakh crore, contributing significantly to the overall industry equity asset.

Karnataka’s Financial Foothold

  • Karnataka secures the third spot with a noteworthy equity asset of Rs 1.99 lakh crore, reinforcing its financial prowess in the mutual fund arena.

Delhi’s Slide

  • Delhi, which held the fourth rank, experienced a dip in equity assets, now standing at Rs 1.94 lakh crore.

Key Points and Rankings Unveiled

Uttar Pradesh’s Rise

  • Uttar Pradesh (UP) secures the fifth position with a commendable equity asset of Rs 1.66 lakh crore, surpassing West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

SIP Inflows

  • Gujarat emerges as a significant contributor to Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) inflows, accounting for 7% with an inflow of around Rs 1200 crore.

Punjab’s Strong Comeback

  • Punjab makes a robust return, clinching the twelfth position with an equity asset of Rs 45,149 crore. Surpassing Telangana and Kerala, Punjab showcases its financial resilience.

In a Nutshell

Maharashtra’s financial prowess echoes in the mutual fund arena, setting the tone for regional competition. As Gujarat leads in SIP inflows and Punjab makes a formidable comeback, the Q2FY24 dynamics reveal the evolving landscape of mutual fund investments in India. Stay tuned for more insights into the financial tapestry shaping the nation’s economic trajectory.

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