MCQ on Soil of India Part_1

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MCQ on Soil of India One-liner Part-1

1. Calcareous soil contains?

Answer: Calcium carbonate

2.Seed can germinate easily in which type of soil?
Answer: Loamy soil

3. Most suitable irrigation method for Calcareous soil ?
Answer: Furrow irrigation

4.  High moisture holding capacity soil?
Answer: Black soil

5. Calcareous soils generally lacks ?
Answer:  Both Organic matter and Nitrogen

6. Red soils are rich in?
Answer: Potash
[Poor in lime,magnesium,phosphate, nitrogen, and humas]

7. Mainly which type of soil found in Tamil Nadu?
Answer:  Red soil

8. Which soil is rich in Iron and Aluminium?
Answer. Laterite soil

9. Which of the following soil is most durable that is it cannot be weatherd much further.
Answer: Laterite soil

10. Alluvial soil poor in?
Answer: Phosphorus

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