Bengal to serve chicken & fruits in mid-day meals, All about mid-day meal schemes

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From now on, schools in West Bengal will serve chicken and seasonal fruits for mid-day meals, the government has decided ahead of the upcoming Panchayat elections.

Mid-Day Meal scheme Key points
Mid-Day Meal scheme Key points

Mid-day meal Menu

Existing Menu

▪ The existing menu includes the following food items:
• Rice
• Potato
• Soybean
• Eggs

New addition to the menu

▪ Chicken and seasonal fruits will be served apart from the existing mid-day meal menu.

Frequency of new adition

▪ For additional nutrition under PM POSHAN Chicken and seasonal fruits will be served:

• Weekly once
• For four months (January to April)

Total Allotted

▪ The state has allocated 372 crore rupees for chicken and fruits in mid-day meals.

▪ An amount of Rs 20 will be spent per week on providing additional nutrition to every student.

Coverage of mid-day meal scheme in states with high population
Coverage of mid-day meal scheme in states with high population (Source: Swachhindia.ndtv)

Mid-Day Meal Scheme: Key points for exams

▪ The Mid-Day Meal Scheme is a school meal program in India designed to improve the nutritional status of school-age children nationwide.

▪ The Midday Meal Scheme was first launched in Tamil Nadu in the early 1960s.

▪ Gujarat was the second state to introduce the scheme in 1984.

▪ A midday meal scheme was introduced in Kerala in 1984.

▪ On 15th August 1995 the Mid-Day Meal Scheme was introduced as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme.

▪ The mid-day meal scheme has been implemented in the Union Territory of Puducherry under French administration since the 1930s

Evolution of mid-day meal programme in India
Evolution of mid-day meal programme in India (Source: Swachhindia.ndtv)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is called Mid-Day Meal?

Answer: It is a centrally sponsored scheme serving freshly cooked foods to children in government and government-aided schools in India.

Q2. When did Mid-Day Meal start in India?

Answer: The scheme was officially launched in India on 15th August 1995.

Q3. Which program of India is officially known as the Mid-Day Meal Scheme?

Answer: National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education

Q4. Which state first started Mid-Day Meal?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Q5. Who started the first Mid-Day Meal scheme in Tamil Nadu?

Answer: Chief minister K. Kamaraj

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