Mizoram GK, A brief overview

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Mizoram GK, A brief Overview
Mizoram GK, A brief Overview


Hello Friends, Check out the “Mizoram GK a brief overview, Here we include a quick overview about Mizoram like its  Rivers, Dams, Festivals, GI tagged Products,  Current Chief Ministers & Governors, protected areas of  Mizoram and State Symbols. Later we will be covered each of this points in details.

Mizoram GK, A brief overview

❖ History
• Mizoram was previously a part of Assam until 1972, when it was carved out as a Union Territory. In 1986 the Indian Parliament adopted the 53rd amendment of the Indian Constitution, which allowed for the creation of the State of Mizoram on 20 February 1987, as India’s 23rd state.

◘ The name of the state is derived from “Mizo”, the self described name of the native inhabitants, and “Ram”, which in the Mizo language means “land.” Thus “Mizo-ram” means “land of the Mizos”.

• State Hood Day ➞ 20 February
• Capital ➞ Aizwal
• Area ➞ 21081 Km^2
• Chief Minister ➞ Zoramthanga (MNF)
• Governor ➞ Kambhampati Hari Babu

• Official Language ➞ Mizo , English

❖ Symbols of Mizoram
• State Animal ➞ Himalayan serow
• State Bird ➞ Mrs. Hume’s pheasant
• State Tree ➞ Indian rose chestnut
• State Flower ➞ Red Vanda

❖ Border States of Mizoram
• Tripura
• Assam
• Manipur

❖ Border  Countries of Mizoram
• Myanmar
• Bangladesh

✪ Lok Sabha: 1 seats | Rajya Sabha: 1 seats
✪ Density: 52/ km2 | Sex Ratio: 976/1000 | Lieracy Rate:91.58%

★ #Geographical Indications tagged Products
• Mizo Chilli
• Pawndum
• Ngotekherh
• Hmaram
• Tawlhlohpuan
• Mizo Puanchei

❖ Major Tribes of Mizoram
• Dulien, Ralte, Poi, Jahao, Pankhup, Lakher, Paite, Falam, Tangur, Khuangli, Dalang, Sukte, Fanai, Leillul and Mar.

➲ High Court ➞ Gauhati High court, Aizawl Bench
➲ Chief Justice ➞ Sudhanshu Dhulia

❖ Famous Festivals of Mizoram 
• Chapchar Kut Festival
• Mim Kut Festival
• Pawl Kut Festival, Mizoram
• Anthurium Festival
• Khuado Kut
• Thalfavang Kut

Mizoram GK, A brief overview
Mizoram GK, A brief overview

❖ Folk Dance of Mizoram
• Khuallam dance
• Cheraw dance
• Sarlamkai/Solakia dance
• Chailam dance
• Chawnglaizawn dance
• Chheihlam dance
• Tlanglam dance
• Zangtalamdance

❖ National Park (NP) located in Mizoram 
• Murlen  National Park
• Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) National Park

❖ Tiger Reserves in Mizoram
•Dampa (1994–95) Tiger Reserve

❖ Wildlife Sanctuaries of Mizoram
• Dampa Tiger Reserve
• Khawnglung Wildlife Samnctuary
• Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary
• Ngengpui Wildlife Samnctuary
• Pualreng Wildlife Samnctuary
• Tawi Wildlife Samnctuary
• Thorangtlang Wildlife Samnctuary
• Tokalo Wildlife Samnctuary

❖ Key Industries of Mizoram
• Bamboo, energy, sericulture agriculture and horticulture, tourism, food processing, IT and medicinal plants

❖ Major Rivers of Mizoram
• Tlawng
• Tiau
• Chhimtuipui (Koladyne)
• Khawthlangtuipui (R.Karnaphuli)
• Tuichang
• Tuirial
• Tuichawng
• Mat
• Tuipui
• Tuivawl
• Teirei
• Tuirini
• Serlui
• Sonai River

❖ Important Dams of Mizoram
•Bairabi Dam (Tlawng River)
• Serlui B Dam (Serlui River)
• Tlawng Dam (Tlawng River)
• Tuirial Dam (Sonai River)

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