Building Bridges for Growth: Ms. Rachel’s Key Role in Delaware’s Intervention Program

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Parents in Delaware may know Ms. Rachel from her popular YouTube series, Songs for Littles, but they might not be aware of Birth to Three, the state’s early intervention program. In an effort to change that, Birth to Three has partnered with Ms. Rachel to increase awareness and community involvement.

Ms. Rachel's Key Role in Delaware's Intervention Program

As part of this initiative, Birth to Three hosted a virtual event attended by over 300 parents. During the event, Ms. Rachel and her husband led an interactive sing-along, encouraging kids to practice speech and gestures while enjoying popular songs. The event also featured a video about Birth to Three, which aimed to inform parents about the program’s services.

The Role of Ms. Rachel: A Mascot for Birth to Three

Birth to Three‘s partnership with Ms. Rachel is part of a broader campaign to improve community involvement and awareness.

Sarah Wood, training and education administrator for Birth to Three, suggested using Ms. Rachel as a mascot, believing that her popularity could inspire Delawareans to utilize the program’s tools.

Ms. Rachel, a YouTube personality and user of early intervention programs herself, aligns with Birth to Three’s vision to help children and families connect and reach their full potential.

“I hope that I help promote the idea that (early intervention) is something you should be proud to be involved in because it’s so wonderful for your child,”

Ms. Rachel
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Understanding Birth to Three Program

Formerly known as Child Development Watch, Birth to Three is a federally funded early intervention program designed for children under the age of 3.

The program ensures additional support for children to achieve developmental milestones, addressing possible delays caused by various conditions.

Contrary to some beliefs, parents can initiate the evaluation process for early intervention services without a pediatrician’s referral. The program aims to dispel myths, making it easy for parents to connect with family service coordinators who evaluate their child’s needs.

Breaking Down Barriers: A Focus on Accessibility

Birth to Three plans to continue expanding its online presence and community outreach to provide accessible information for families. The program aims to dismantle myths, clarify misconceptions, and offer direct paths for families to access services.

Through the partnership with Ms. Rachel, Birth to Three hopes to eliminate the stigma surrounding early intervention services, encouraging parents to take pride in seeking support for their children’s development. The program remains committed to answering questions and providing necessary support.

By involving a familiar figure like Ms. Rachel, Birth to Three aims to make the program seem less daunting and more approachable for Delaware families.


Delaware’s Birth to Three program, which supports young children with developmental delays, is teaming up with Ms. Rachel, the beloved singing teacher from the viral YouTube series “Songs for Littles.” This exciting partnership aims to raise awareness, fight stigma, and make the program more accessible for families.

Spreading the Word

  • Delaware wants more parents to know about Birth to Three and its services, like speech therapy and physical therapy, for children under age 3.
  • Ms. Rachel’s familiar face and engaging songs can help attract attention and break down misconceptions.
  • A recent virtual event with Ms. Rachel and her husband attracted over 300 families, showing the potential of this collaboration.

What is Birth to Three?

  • This federally funded program helps children with developmental delays reach their full potential.
  • Delays can be caused by various conditions like neurological issues or physical limitations.
  • Birth to Three offers support like therapy and family coordination, all free and voluntary for families.

Breaking Down Barriers

  • Many parents hesitate to enroll their children due to myths or confusing processes.
  • Birth to Three wants to simplify things: parents can directly contact the program, without needing referrals.
  • The program aims to make the process easy and welcoming for all families.

Ms. Rachel’s Role

  • Ms. Rachel’s personal experience with early intervention services, though not in Delaware, can help reduce stigma and encourage others to seek help.
  • She hopes to show parents that early intervention is something to be proud of, as it benefits their child’s development.
  • Her engaging songs and activities can also help parents understand and participate in the program.

The Future

  • Birth to Three plans to expand its online presence and community outreach throughout 2024.
  • They want to provide clear information, break down myths, and make the program readily accessible to all families.
  • The program is always there to answer questions and support families in any way they can.

Remember, if you have concerns about your child’s development, Birth to Three is here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out and get the support your family needs.

Additional Information

  • The article mentions the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), a federal law guaranteeing free and appropriate education for all students, including those with disabilities.
  • Birth to Three was previously known in some areas as Child Development Watch.
  • The program encourages readers to visit the Birth to Three website for more information and resources.

Conclusion: A Collaborative Effort for Child Development

The collaboration between Birth to Three and Ms. Rachel signifies a positive step toward supporting families in Delaware. Through awareness events and online resources, the program strives to empower parents, break down barriers, and ensure every child reaches their full potential.

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