Peyton Manning Net Worth 2024, Biography, Career and More

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Peyton Manning Net Worth
Net Worth$250 Million
Salary$18 Million
BirthdateMar 24, 1976
Age47 years old
BirthplaceNew Orleans
Height6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
ProfessionAmerican football player, Athlete
NationalityUnited States of America

What is Peyton Manning’s net worth and salary?

A Football Legend’s Financial Success

Peyton Manning, the former NFL quarterback, boasts a substantial net worth of $300 million. During his prime in the NFL, Manning secured a position among the highest-earning celebrities globally.

Diverse Endorsements and Business Ventures

Renowned for his quarterback skills, Manning extended his influence beyond the field through lucrative endorsement deals. Brands such as Sony, ESPN, Spring, DirecTV, Master Card, Reebok, and Gatorade have all sought Manning’s endorsement. Notably, he is a familiar face in television commercials for major brands like Buick, Papa John’s, and DirecTV.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Beyond endorsements, Manning is an astute entrepreneur. He owns twenty-one Papa John’s pizza franchises in Colorado, showcasing his diversified business portfolio. His financial success is underscored by his $18 million peak NFL salary, with annual earnings surpassing $40 million in certain years.

Continued Prosperity in Retirement

Even post-retirement, Manning continues to thrive financially, earning a minimum of $10 million annually from ongoing endorsement deals. His enduring legacy transcends football, reflecting a shrewd business acumen that has contributed to his lasting financial success.

Peyton Manning’s Astonishing Career Earnings

Dual Revenue Streams

Peyton Manning’s illustrious career has been a financial powerhouse, with combined earnings from his NFL salary and endorsements totaling just shy of $600 million.

NFL Salary Milestones

A substantial portion of Manning’s earnings is attributed to his impressive NFL career. His peak salary of $18 million per year contributed significantly to his overall wealth.

Lucrative Endorsements

Complementing his NFL earnings, Manning’s endorsement deals with major brands such as Sony, ESPN, Spring, DirecTV, Master Card, Reebok, Gatorade, Buick, and Papa John’s have played a pivotal role in his remarkable financial success.

A Near $600 Million Legacy

The amalgamation of lucrative NFL contracts and high-profile endorsements solidifies Peyton Manning’s status as one of the most financially successful figures in the sports and entertainment industry, with a career earnings legacy approaching the remarkable $600 million mark.

Early Life and Football Roots

Birth and Family Ties

Born on March 24, 1976, in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana, Peyton Manning hails from a football-centric family. He is the elder sibling to New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and the son of former NFL quarterback Archie Manning.

Formative Years at Isidore Newman School

Peyton’s journey into football began at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, where he not only pursued his education but also made a mark on the football field. His exceptional skills earned him the prestigious title of Gatorade Circle of Champions National Player of the Year.

Honoring Family: The #18 Jersey

During his school years, Manning wore the #18 jersey as a tribute to his older brother, Cooper Manning. Cooper had to relinquish his football dreams due to a spinal condition, making the jersey a symbol of family solidarity and resilience.

High School Stardom and College Recruitment

Peyton Manning’s talent on the football field did not go unnoticed. As a highly sought-after high school player, he garnered interest from over 60 prestigious colleges, a testament to his prowess and potential. His journey from New Orleans to the national stage had begun, laying the foundation for a remarkable football career.


Drafted by the Colts: A Historic Beginning

Peyton Manning, the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft, commenced his professional football odyssey with the Indianapolis Colts. This followed an impressive college football career at the University of Tennessee, where many expected him to choose the Ole Miss Rebels, the alma mater of his father, Archie Manning.

Colts Era (1998-2010): Transformative Leadership

Manning’s arrival marked a turning point for the Colts, as he swiftly adapted to the team’s playbook, memorizing it within a week. Over his tenure, Manning led the Colts to eight division championships, two AFC championships, and secured a Super Bowl victory against the Chicago Bears in 2006. Despite a loss to the Saints in 2009, Manning’s impact on the Colts was undeniable.

Broncos Triumph (2012-2015): Super Bowl Glory

After joining the Denver Broncos in 2012, Manning continued to excel, guiding the team to a division title each year. In 2016, he secured his third Super Bowl appearance, culminating in a victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Manning’s retirement announcement in March 2016 marked the end of an illustrious 18-season career.

Honors and Achievements: Record Holder and Hall of Famer

Peyton Manning’s legacy extends beyond on-field triumphs. He holds the NFL record for most consecutive seasons with over 4,000 yards passing and the most total seasons with 4,000 or more yards passing in a career. His extensive accolades include 13 Pro-Bowl selections, five AP NFL Most Valuable Player awards, nine ESPY Awards, and two Sports Emmy Awards.

Manning Bowl and SEC Football Legends

The three memorable encounters between Peyton and Eli Manning in their pro careers, known as “The Manning Bowl,” solidified Peyton’s team victories each time. In 2022, both brothers were honored in the SEC Football Legends Class.

Hall of Fame Inductions

Peyton Manning’s unparalleled contributions to football led to his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2017 and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2021, cementing his status as one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time.

Peyton Manning Salary

Denver Broncos Salary and Endorsements

During his tenure with the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning earned a substantial $18 million annually in base salary. Additionally, he had the opportunity to boost his income significantly through bonuses and incentives. Beyond the field, endorsements added another $25 million per year to his financial portfolio, resulting in a total annual income of $43 million.

Colts Contract and Unfortunate Injury

In July 2011, Peyton inked a groundbreaking five-year, $90 million contract with the Indianapolis Colts, establishing him as the highest-paid player in the league at the time. However, a pre-season injury in 2011 prevented him from playing any games that season. Subsequently, on March 7, 2012, the Colts released Manning, making him a free agent.

Transition to the Broncos and Contract Details

Following his release, Manning swiftly secured a new chapter in his career by signing a $96 million contract with the Denver Broncos. Notably, due to concerns about his previous injuries, he opted for no signing bonus. Moreover, a comprehensive physical examination became a yearly prerequisite before receiving payment from the Broncos.

Peyton Manning’s financial acumen, both on and off the field, underscored his strategic approach to contract negotiations and ensured his continued success in the ever-evolving landscape of professional football.

Other Ventures

Endorsement Empire

Peyton Manning’s influence extends far beyond the football field, as he stands among the world’s highest-paid athletes. Renowned for endorsing major brands such as Buick, Papa John’s, and DirecTV, Manning boasts lucrative deals with Sony, ESPN, Spring, DirecTV, Master Card, Reebok, and Gatorade. His endorsement earnings alone exceed $25 million annually.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Manning’s business ventures include ownership of twenty-one Papa John’s pizza franchises in Colorado. Beyond the pizza industry, he ventured into literature, co-authoring the book “Manning: A Father, His Sons, and Football Legacy” with his father Archie in 2000.

Entertaining Off the Field

Manning has left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. From hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live on his 31st birthday in 2007, which garnered SNL’s highest household rating in over 10 months, to guest-voicing on The Simpsons in 2009 and contributing to the 2017 film Ferdinand, Manning seamlessly transitions between sports and entertainment.

Hosting and Broadcasting Prowess

Collaborating with his brother Cooper, Manning has taken on hosting duties for the revived quiz show “College Bowl” since 2021. Additionally, he and his brother Eli co-host an alternative Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN known as the “Manningcast,” offering fans a unique perspective on the game.

Strategic Investments

In 2022, Manning demonstrated his acumen in the business world by investing in Kitchen United, a Pasadena-based ghost kitchen pioneer boasting over 200 operational kitchens in 20 regions. This move showcases Manning’s commitment to exploring diverse and innovative business opportunities.

Personal Life and Controversies

Family and Marriage

Peyton Manning, married to Ashley Manning since March 17, 2001, shares a family life centered around their twins, Marshall and Mosley, born in March 2011. During summers, the Manning family, including siblings Archie, Eli, and Cooper, actively engages in running the Manning Passing Academy.

This five-day camp focuses on enhancing the offensive skills of aspiring quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs, with the added distinction of featuring prominent NFL players as coaches.

Residency in Denver

Upon relocating to Denver, Manning initially resided in a house owned by Mike Shanahan before eventually purchasing his own home for $4.575 million.

Past Controversies

Manning faced accusations of sexual harassment by trainer Jamie Ann Naughbright in 1996 during his University of Tennessee days. He denied the claims, characterizing his behavior as “crude, maybe, but harmless” in his book. Naughbright settled with the university for $300,000 and filed a defamation suit in 2002. The lawsuit was settled privately, with Manning and Naughbright prohibited from discussing the settlement publicly.

Faith and Political Affiliation

Describing himself as a devout Christian, Manning openly embraces his faith. In the realm of politics, he contributed to the campaign of Jeb Bush during the 2016 presidential race, aligning himself with the political landscape at the time.

Philanthropy and Charitable Contributions

Founding the Peyback Foundation

Early in his NFL career, Peyton Manning established the Peyback Foundation, driven by a mission to support disadvantaged children. Manning’s commitment to philanthropy earned him the prestigious Samuel S. Beard Award for Greatest Public Service.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Manning, alongside his brother Eli, played a pivotal role in aiding the affected community. They volunteered to deliver 30,000 pounds of essential supplies, including water, Gatorade, diapers, and baby formula, to residents in New Orleans, showcasing their dedication to humanitarian efforts.

Impactful Contribution to St. Vincent’s Hospital

In 2007, Manning and his wife demonstrated their philanthropic spirit by making a significant contribution to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indianapolis. In recognition of their generosity, the hospital renamed its children’s facility as the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent.

Honoring Demaryius Thomas with a Scholarship

In 2022, the Peyback Foundation collaborated with Georgia Tech to establish a scholarship in memory of Manning’s former Broncos teammate, Demaryius Thomas. Thomas, who passed away in December 2021 at the age of 33, left a lasting impact on Manning, inspiring the foundation to extend educational support in his honor.

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