What are Pink Railway Stations In India? Key Facts, Railway Current Affairs

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The New Amravati Railway Station in Amaravati, Maharashtra, has achieved the distinction of being the first station in the Bhusaval Division and the third station within the Central Railway (CR) to receive the Pink Station designation. This achievement entails being entirely operated by women staff.

Pink Railway Stations

What are Pink Stations?

Pink Railway Stations are a unique type of railway station in India that is managed by an all-women staff.

They have been specially designed to be safe and comfortable for women, with features such as pink lighting, CCTV cameras, and panic buttons.

Pink stations, the latest addition to the railway landscape, offer a unique concept. Managed exclusively by all-women teams, these stations handle a lighter train schedule.

This visionary initiative not only empowers women but also establishes a secure haven for female workers and travelers. Beyond empowerment, it serves as a catalyst for women’s employment opportunities.

The introduction of these stations comes as a solution to the employment hurdles faced by many women, including widows and single mothers.

By creating opportunities, this initiative enables financial independence and cultivates a strong support network within the community.

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List of Pink Stations in India

There are currently 3 pink railway stations in India, all of which are located in the state of Maharashtra. They are:

  • Matunga Railway Station in Mumbai
  • Ajni Railway Station in Nagpur
  • New Amravati Railway Station in Amravati

New Amravati Railway Station (Amaravati, Maharashtra) became the 3rd station within Central Railway(CR) and the 1st station in the Bhusaval Division of CR to be designated as a Pink Station, fully managed by women staff.

Central Railway became the first zone of the Indian Railways to set up all women-managed stations.

Criteria for a Pink Railway Station

These stations are fully managed by an all-women staff, including station masters, ticket sellers, porters, and cleaners.

They have been specially designed to be safe and comfortable for women, with features such as pink lighting, CCTV cameras, and panic buttons.

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The pink railway stations are part of an initiative by the Indian Railways to promote gender equality and create safe spaces for women in public places.

They have been well-received by women passengers, who appreciate the added sense of security and comfort.

Criteria for a Railway station to be considered a pink station: Key Point

  • It must be managed by an all-women staff.
  • It must have pink lighting and signage.
  • It must have CCTV cameras and panic buttons.
  • It must have separate toilets for women.
  • It must have a help desk for women passengers.

The Indian Railways plans to open more pink railway stations in the future. This is a positive step towards making public transportation safer and more accessible for women.

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Prioritizing Safety During Train Travel, Especially for Women

When it comes to train travel, ensuring personal safety remains crucial, particularly when journeying alone. This concern amplifies for women, prompting the need for extra considerations.

Recognizing the importance of creating a secure environment, Central Railway has taken a significant step by inaugurating the New Amravati station as the very first “Pink Station” within the Bhusaval Division, and the third of its kind on the Central Railway network.

The innovation lies in the fact that this station will be entirely managed by an all-women staff, setting an inspiring precedent.

Empowerment and Employment Opportunities

The introduction of “Pink Stations” marks a new chapter in railway operations. These stations, managed exclusively by female staff, cater to a manageable train schedule.

Beyond facilitating travel, this initiative serves as a powerful tool for the empowerment of women, offering them a safe workspace as well as generating employment opportunities.

The establishment of such stations addresses a crucial societal gap, aiding women, widows, and single mothers in achieving financial independence.

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The Role of the New Amravati Pink Station

The New Amravati Pink Station is staffed by a dedicated team of 12 women employees, comprising 4 deputy station superintendents, 4 points women, 3 railway protection personnel, and 1 station ticket booking agent.

This collective effort ensures the station’s seamless operation, effectively serving around 380 daily passengers.

As the third exclusively women-managed station under Central Railway, New Amravati station mirrors the industry’s stride towards inclusivity and representation.

Handling the operations of 10 trains, the station stands as a prominent hub within the Bhusaval Division.

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Conclusion: A Trailblazing Step Towards Inclusivity

Central Railway’s launch of the New Amravati Pink Station not only underlines the significance of personal safety during train travel, particularly for women but also marks a historic leap in establishing all-women-operated railway stations.

The “Pink Station” initiative showcases the commitment to fostering empowerment, providing secure spaces, and amplifying employment opportunities. As New Amravati station joins the ranks of this innovative concept, it ushers in a new era of inclusivity within the railway industry.

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