PNB MetLife launches ‘Genius Plan’ to help parents save money for Higher Education — Key features

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Preparing for your children’s future security is a significant responsibility. As the expenses of higher education keep rising, PNB MetLife is launching its latest Genius plan to aid parents in financial planning.


▪ The PNB MetLife Genius plan provides a solution for the increasing cost of higher education worldwide. This plan enables parents to determine the monthly savings amount that fits their budget and financial objectives.

▪ It is a life insurance plan that does not involve links or participation and serves as an individual savings plan. This plan offers life insurance coverage to parents while providing them with an adjustable and cost-effective approach to saving for their child’s education.

Key Benefits of PNB MetLife Genius Plan

▪ Guaranteed benefits to secure your child’s future

▪ Increasing income benefits with Wealth booster additions growing @5% every 5 years

▪ Flexibility to choose your income payout period*

▪ Assured achievement of financial goals with in-built Waiver of Premium on Death

▪ Higher benefit for girl child#

▪ Life cover protection throughout the policy term

What it Covers?

▪ PNB MetLife Genius Plan is a savings plan that offers guaranteed benefits and flexible payout options based on your needs.

▪ The plan includes an in-built Waiver of Premium on death, which ensures uninterrupted benefits for your child’s future even in your absence.

▪ The plan is tailored to help you save for your child’s essential milestones and support them in achieving their aspirations.

Key benefits of the insurance plan include

▪ Guaranteed benefits to secure your child’s future

▪ Flexibility to save with a unique and customizable payout structure

▪ 1.5 percent higher benefit for girl child

▪ In-built waiver of premium on death

▪ Option to choose additional protection against Accidental Total Permanent Disability (ATPD)

▪ 1.5 percent higher benefit for PMLI’s existing customers

▪ 1.5 percent higher income benefits if the policy is taken for a daughter.

About PNB MetLife

▪ India Insurance Company Limited PNB MetLife
▪ PNB MetLife, which is promoted by MIHL and PNB
▪ It has 117 branches across India.

▪ MD & CEO – Ashish Kumar Srivastava
▪ Established in India – 2001
▪ Headquarters – Bangalore, Karnataka

Shareholders of “PNB MetLife”.

▪ MetLife International Holdings LLC (MIHL)
▪ Punjab National Bank (PNB)
▪ M. Pallonji and Company Private Limited
▪ Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd (JKB)

✪ Key Point for Exam
☛ PV Sindhu, an ace badminton player in India, is the Brand Ambassador of PNB MetLife.
For Detailed Guidelines and Application Process Visit Official site of - PNBMetife 

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