Rank and Index MCQ 2022 Set 6

51. What is the rank of Indian Air Force in the World Air Power Index 2022?
A. 6th
B. 4th
C. 2nd
D. 3rd
Answer:D. 3rd

52. What is the rank of India in The Global Liveability Index 2021 ?
A. 78
B. 85
C. 90
D. 88
Answer:D. 88

53. Rank of India in Global Terrorism Index 2022 ?
A. 12
B. 11
C. 10
D. 9
Answer:A. 12

54. Which of the following organisations published the Global Liveability Index ?
B. Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU)
C. World Bank
Answer:B. Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU)

55. Which of the following country topped the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2021 ?
B. Switzerland
C. Singapore
D. Japan
Answer:B. Switzerland

56. The Global Terrorism Index 2022 published by____ ?
A. International Court of Justice
B. International Monetary Fund
C. Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)
D. World Economic Forum
Answer:C. Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)

57. Global Environment Performance Index published by _____?
A. United Nation Sustainable Development Solution Network.

B. Irish aid agency Concern Worldwide

C. World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture

D. Yale and Columbia University researchers
Answer:D. Yale and Columbia University researchers

58. Which of the following cities has topped the list of Global Liveability Index 2022?
A. Tokyo
B. Vienna
C. Zurich
D. Copenhagen
Answer:B. Vienna

59. State Energy and Climate Index report published by ___?
A. NITI Aayog
B. Reserve Bank of India
C. National Power Corporation
D. Ernst & Young
Answer:A. NITI Aayog

60. Inclusive Internet Index published by ____ ?
A. Coursera
B. Chandler Institute of Governance
C. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
D. Consultancy firm Ernst & Young (EY)
Answer:C. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

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