Recent Projects Approved by Jharkhand Cabinet: Key Details

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The Jharkhand Cabinet, led by Chief Minister Hemant Soren, has given its approval to a new electrification initiative known as the “Mukhya Mantri Ujjwal Jharkhand Yojana. Also, the Jharkhand Cabinet approved the development of a new Flyover and Aviation Scheme

Key Details

  • Jharkhand’s Cabinet approves a Rs 1,485-crore electrification scheme.
  • Free pilot training for 15 students in the proposed pilot training academy.
  • A 1.25-km flyover is to be constructed in Ranchi.
  • Funds were allocated for a science block in Dhanbad’s Women’s College.
  • Amendments made for Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) on public-private partnership (PPP) mode.

Transforming Jharkhand for a Bright Future

In a bid to bring positive change to the state of Jharkhand, the state’s Cabinet recently gave the green light to several ambitious initiatives. These endeavors span electrification, aviation, infrastructure, and education. Let’s explore how these developments are set to make a difference in the lives of the people of Jharkhand.

Mukhya Mantri Ujjwal Jharkhand Yojana

Rs 1,485-Crore Electrification Scheme

The Jharkhand Cabinet has approved the “Mukhya Mantri Ujjwal Jharkhand Yojana,” a substantial electrification scheme with a budget of Rs 1,485.39 crore. This project aims to bring electricity to un-electrified rural hamlets, households, and leftover urban areas.

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Taking Flight: Free Training for Aspiring Pilots

15 Trainee Pilots to Soar High

Jharkhand is set to nurture aviation talent with the establishment of a pilot training academy in Dumka. The government has made an extraordinary decision to provide free training to 15 rookie pilots. These future aviators will be selected through an examination, and 15 of them will receive 100 percent scholarships for their training. This initiative aims to make flying dreams come true for aspiring pilots.

Enhancing Connectivity: A New Flyover in Ranchi

A 1.25-Km Flyover

Capital city Ranchi is about to witness significant infrastructural development. The Cabinet has given the green signal for the construction of a 1.25-km flyover connecting Bahu Bazar to Patel Chowk. This project, estimated to cost around Rs 213 crore, promises to improve transportation and connectivity within the city.

Investing in Education: Building a Science Block

Rs 37.47 Crore for Women’s College in Dhanbad

Jharkhand is committed to advancing education with the approval of Rs 37.47 crore for the construction of a science block in Dhanbad’s SSLNT Women’s College. This investment will enhance educational facilities and opportunities for students.

Supporting Skill Development: Amendments to ITIs

Changes in Industrial Training Institutes

The Cabinet has made significant amendments to the operation of Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) under public-private partnership (PPP) mode. To encourage participation, private agencies can now operate three ITIs instead of two. Additionally, ITIs can now be given for ten years with the possibility of a five-year extension, making skill development more accessible.

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