Three Bengal Handloom Sarees Recognized as GI Products

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Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee announced that three handloom saree varieties from Bengal – Tangail of Nadia and East Burdwan, Korial & Garad of Murshidabad, and Birbhum – have been officially registered and recognized as Geographical Indication (GI) products.

West Bengal’s Handloom Heritage

Geographical Indication (GI) Recognition

  • Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the official registration and acknowledgment of three distinct handloom saree varieties from West Bengal.
  • Tangail of Nadia and Purba Bardhaman, and Korial & Garad of Murshidabad and Birbhum, have earned the prestigious GI status.
  • This recognition is a testament to the skill and artistry of the local artisans.

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Tangail Sarees: A Tradition Across Regions

Craftsmanship and Recognition

  • Dhatrigram and Samudragarh villages in East Burdwan, along with Fulia Township in Nadia, have long been associated with the renowned Tangail sarees of Bengal.
  • The traditional craftsmanship extends to newer areas such as Nabadwip, Krishnanagar I & II blocks in Nadia, and Purbasthali, Tamaghata, and Katwa in East Burdwan.
  • Even parts of South Dinajpur, including Tapan Block and Gangarampur municipality, contribute to the legacy of Tangail sarees.

Distinctive Features

  • The Tangail saree is distinguished by its unique finishing work, eliminating the “reed mark” and incorporating a characteristic stiff finish.
  • Achieved through a special starch application during weaving, made from “khai” or “puffed paddy” and lime, the saree stands out for its aesthetics and texture.

Korial Sarees: Weaving Traditions

Skilled Weavers and Heritage

  • Mirzapur village in Raghunathganj I Block, Murshidabad, and Panhgechia and Gaganpur villages under Murarai I & II blocks in Birbhum are known for their expertise in Korial saree weaving.
  • Crafted from 100% pure silk, these sarees offer comfort along with remarkable washing and light fastness. Adorned with intricate designs in “aanchal” and “buti,” the sarees also feature designed borders, adding to their allure.
  • The red border on a white ground saree holds cultural significance and is worn during spiritual festivals.

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Garad Sarees: Tradition in Silk

Prestigious Recognition

  • Garad sarees from Mirzapur and Perapur in Murshidabad, and Gaganpur and Pancgechhia in Birbhum, have gained popularity for being made from 100% pure silk.
  • These traditional sarees, known for their demand in various states, showcase the weaving mastery of skilled artisans.
  • The West Bengal State Handloom Weavers Co-Operative Society Limited has sought a patent for these esteemed saree varieties.

Bengal’s Agricultural Heritage

Kalonunia Rice Variety

  • In addition to the sarees, Bengal’s agricultural heritage shines with the Geographical Indication (GI) tag for the Kalonunia rice variety. This recognition further highlights the diverse and rich cultural landscape of West Bengal.


Saree VarietyRegion of OriginMaterialSpecial FeaturesRecognition
TangailNadia, Purba Bardhaman, Murshidabad, Birbhum, etc.100% Pure Silk– Special finishing work eliminating “reed mark”
– Stiff finish achieved through traditional starch application
Geographical Indication (GI) status
KorialMurshidabad, Birbhum100% Pure Silk– Comfortable to wear
– Washing and light fastness
– Ornamented with fine designs in “aanchal” and “buti”
Geographical Indication (GI) status
GaradMurshidabad, Birbhum100% Pure Silk– Washing and light fastness
– Ornamented with beautiful designs
– Red border on white ground symbolizing spirituality
Geographical Indication (GI) status
Patent application by Tantuja Bhavan, Salt Lake

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