10th Chess Grandmaster (GM) of West Bengal, Top Facts

By Gkbooks 9Jan, 2022

Recenty, Koustav Chatterjee becomes India's 78 Chess Grandmaster (GM).

Photo:ChessBase India

 And West Bengal got its 10th chess grandmaster in the form of Koustav.

He got his first GM norm in October 2021 at a Grandmasters’ chess tournament in Bangladesh.

He got his second GM norm at the Asian championship in the first week of November 2022.

He crossed 2500 in the August FIDE rating list.

The 19-year-old drew his game against GM Mitrabha Guha in MPL 59th National Senior Chess Championship.

GM Abhijeet Gupta and Koustav are leading the MPL Chess Championship with a score of 8/10.