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Class 11 biology chapter 1 mcq -Part 1 

Study of fresh water is called? A. Physiology B. Pedology C. Limnology D. Kinesiology 

Answer: Limnology

Musca domestica is common name of A. Bee B. Snail C. Mosquito D. Housefly 

Answer:  Housefly

Keystone species are A. endangered species B. important for plants C. extinct species D. Important for ecosystem 

Answer: Important for ecosystem 

The study of fish culture is called A. herpetology B. pisciculture C. ichthyology D. None

Answer: pisciculture

National Botanical Research Institute is located in A. Shimla B. Lucknow C. Kolkata D. Dehradun

Answer: Lucknow

 In angiosperm, characters of flowers are used in classification because A. Flowers are attractive B. of large flower C. Characters of flowers are conservative D. None of the above

Answer: C

A system which gets a continuous flow of energy is called A. steady state B. closed system C. open system D. micropropagated system

Answer: open system

Solanum, Panthera, Homo are examples of A. Species epithet B. Division C. Genera D. Family

Answer: Genera

Binomial Nomenclature was given by A. Carlous Linnaeus & Alexander Agassiz B. Alexander Agassiz C. Carolus Linnaeus D. Ernst Mayr

Answer: C