Computer Knowledge Test: SSC CGL Tier II, Part-2

By Srikanto Mandal 30 Sept, 2022

Question 11. What is the size of Floppy Diskette which is used normally ?

Answer:  3.5 inche

Question 12. Who developed the concept of email ?

Answer: Ray Tomlinson 

Question 13. ‘IC-Chips’ for computer are usually made of

Answer: Silicon

Question 14. What is the basic application of an ‘AND’ gate in computers?

Answer: Multiplication

Question 15. ‘IC’ in computers stands for

Answer: Integrated Circuits

Question 16. Which circuit is used as 'Memory device' in computers ?

Answer: A flip-flop or latch circuit

Question 17.  The first computer language developed was:


Question 18. Introductory web page of an organisation is called:

Answer: Web Site

Question 19.  World Wide Web (WWW), which gave a new type of information exhibition, developed by:

Answer: Tim Berners-Lee

Question 20. A compact disc (CD) is what type of data storage media.

Answer: Optical Storage Media