Category-wise Current Affairs MCQs 2022

Days and Themes 2022 MCQs Part 2

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Army Day is celebrated every year on which day? A. 24 January B. 15 January C. 19 January D. 23 January

Answer:B. 15 January

International Day of the Tropics is observed globally on which date? A. 27 June B. 28 June C. 29 June D. 30 June

Answer: C. 29 June

National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) Raising Day 2022 observed on which date? A. 15th January B. 17th January C. 18th January D. 19th January

Answer D. 19th January

Recently, which state celebrated 44th Kokborok Day, also known as the state language day? A. West Bengal B. Manipur C. Odisha D. Tripura

Answer: D. Tripura

National Girl Child Day (NGCD) is celebrated annually on which date? A. 23 January B. 24 January C. 25 January D. 28 January

Answer: B. 24 January

National Tourism Day is celebrated on which date? A. 25 January B. 23 January C. 28 January D. 22 January

Answer: A. 25 January

“National Voter’s Day” is celebrated every year on ? A. January 25 B. January 27 C. January 23 D. January 22

Answer: A. 25 January