What is the difference between actual calorific value and physiological value?

By Gkbooks 19 January, 2023

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Here is a short and simple explanation of the difference between true calorific value and physiological value.

Actual calorific value and physiological value are two methods used to measure the energy content of foods.

Actual calorific value, also known as gross calorific value, is the total amount of heat released when a substance is completely combusted in a laboratory setting.

Physiological value, also known as net calorific value, is the amount of energy actually available to the body after food is digested and absorbed.

The physiological value takes into account the energy lost during the digestion process. In summary, actual calorific value measures the ....

total energy released, when food is combusted, while physiological value measures the energy that is available to the body after digestion.

Actual calorific value is more accurate, but physiological value is more practical for nutrition purposes.

Actual calorific value released by complete combustion of one gram of food: Carbohydrates - 4.1 kcal/g Proteins - 5.65 kcal/g Fats - 9.45 kcal/g

Physiologic value of 1 gm of food substance in the body: Carbohydrates - 4 kcal/g Proteins - 4 kcal/g Fats - 9 kcal/g