The American Airlines flight celebrated Bessie Coleman's 100th anniversary. The first black pilot was recently honored by a crew.

Bessie Coleman was the first black woman to fly in 1922. That American citizen was not allowed to learn to fly in the United States at the time.

Today, the crew of Black women stand smiling for photos, proud to be part of the celebration. The struggle is still real. 

With only 150 Black female pilots on record today, but things have changed between the times. Two Black women pilots behind the helm? Clearly impossible in the U.S. a century ago.

Bessie Coleman, the first black person to earn a pilot's license in 1921. Flight 372 on August 8, 2022, from DFW to PHX, ...

was operated by an all-black female crew, including our outstanding Pilots, Flight Attendants, Ground, Cargo, and Gate crew.

Bessie Coleman became a famous stunt pilot, and while she passed on, her great-niece was there for the celebration. 

Gigi Coleman said of the celebration: “I think she would’ve been really amazed and in awe. I was in awe, and this is 2022, .....

” Gigi continues her great-aunt’s legacy through the program, Bessie Coleman Aviation All-Stars, encouraging kids to learn to fly.