Historic Milestone: Tamil Nadu Welcomes Female Temple Priests! 

By Srikanto Mandal 15 Sept, 2023

Historic First Three young women in Tamil Nadu have successfully completed training to become priests, marking a historic departure from the male-only tradition.

Appointment as Assistant Priests Krishnaveni, S Ramya, and N Ranjitha—will soon be appointed as assistant priests at temples in TN, managed by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments department.

Award Ceremony Tamil Nadu Minister Sekar Babu awarded certificates to the three women, along with male trainees, at the Archakar Training School in Srirangam.

Government Initiative The initiative to provide priest training to people from all castes, including women, was launched when the DMK government came to power in 2021.

Inspiring Others The women hope that their achievement will inspire many other women who aspire to become priests.

Training Challenges The training was challenging, but the determination of these women, along with effective teaching, helped them succeed.

Inclusivity and Equality Chief Minister MK Stalin described this initiative as a "Dravidian model of governance" that promotes inclusivity and equality.

Removal of Gender Barriers Historically, women were barred from the role of temple priests, but this initiative removes those gender barriers.

Training Content During their training, they learned about various religious rituals, poojas, and mantras required to perform as priests.