All you need to  know about  India's first Battery-operated dual-mode locomotive

Navdoot: Dreams of e-train become true

Indian Railways has taken another step towards energy conservation and environmental protection and conservation.

After e-bikes, e-cars, e-buses in the country, this time the dream of e-train is also going to be fulfilled by our Indian Railways.

West Central Railway's Jabalpur division has developed a battery-powered dual-mode locomotive called Navdoot. It can run in both battery and electricity mode.

A historic step towards green and clean energy! Jabalpur Railway Division has successfully developed and tested 'Navadoot' engine which is not powered by diesel or electricity, but battery operated!

Currently, it is being used on a trial basis during train shunting at Jabalpur, Mudwara. This dual-mode locomotive has also received the award for best innovation from the Railway Board.

The engine runs on both battery and electricity modes, so the railways will save 1000 liters of diesel per day with this new locomotive.

This e-engine can pull 18 coaches at a speed of 30 kmph. It  has 84 batteries and has a capacity to pull 400 tonnes at present.

It is developed by the Electric Department of New Katni Junction. After clearing all the trials, it will be used more widely in other stations for purposes like carrying goods, coal, oil tankers etc.

This battery-powered engine will not only save foreign exchange on diesel purchases but will also contribute to environmental protection.