India's First Hydrogen-Powered Train: Mind-Blowing Facts Revealed! 

By Srikanto Mandal 14 Sept, 2023

India is set to launch its first domestically produced, hydrogen-powered train by the end off 2024.

The train, named Vande Metro, will be a major step forward for the country's efforts to reduce its carbon emissions.

Vande Metro will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity.

The hydrogen-powered train stands out as a zero-emission vehicle, in stark contrast to conventional diesel trains.

The train will be manufactured by the Indian Railways' Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO). 

It is expected to be initially deployed on heritage routes such as the Kalka-Shimla Railway.

The launch of Vande Metro is a significant milestone for India's clean transportation goals. It is also a major boost for the country's hydrogen fuel cell industry.

Indian Railway planned to introduce 35 hydrogen-powered trains at a cost of approximately Rs 80 crore per train.

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