Japan sends modified bullet trains to India, what are the features?

By Srikanto Mandal 17 Sept, 2022

Japan will send its modified high-speed  'E5 Shinkansen series trains' to India.

The high-speed trains are capable of running at a speed of 320 km/hr.   

 The improved E5 Shinkansen series trains have anti-seismic technology.

The high-speed rail project will connect Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

The first high-speed train will be run between Surat and Bilimore in Gujarat.

The bullet trains will run on special tracks  "slab track system"also known as HSR technology.

Total length of the bulet train corridor is 508.17 Km

The Surat-Bilimore rail link will be completed by 2026.

And the deadline of the compilation of the overall project is 2028.