1. India is hosting world’s largest multilateral `Milan’ exercise in 2022 in which city? A. Cochin B. Ennore C. Marmagao D. Vishakhapatnam 

Answer: D. Vishakhapatnam  

What’s the name of anti-submarine warfare exercise conducted by Six Indo-Pacific nations – India, the US, Australia, Canada, Japan & Korea? A. Yudhabhyas B. Malabar C. Sea Dragon D. Milan 

Answer:C. Sea Dragon 

3. Recently, Indian Navy and Russian Navy conducts which exercise in Arabian Sea? A. PASSEX B. VARUNA C. Samundra Shakti D. SIMBEX 

Answer:A. PASSEX 

4. Which are the participating countries of the “2022 Marine Security Belt” exercise that will take place in the north of the Indian Ocean? A. Pakistan, China & North Korea B. Russia, China & Pakistan C. Russia, China & Iran D. China, Iran & Pakistan 

Answer:C. Russia, China & Iran 

5. What is the name of the maritime exercise conducted by the NATO members in the Mediterranean Sea in January 2022? A. Neptune Strike ’22 B. Pluto Strike’ 22 C. Venus Strike’ 22 D. Jupiter Strike’ 22 

Answer:A. Neptune Strike ’22 

6. NATO is organizing a “Winter Camp” exercise in which eastern European country? A. Estonia B. Lithuania C. Ukraine D. Latvia 

Answer:A. Estonia 

7. ‘Cope South 22’ is the joint Airforce exercise between which two countries? A. India- Bangladesh B. India- Russia C. USA-South Africa D. USA-Bangladesh 

Answer:D. USA-Bangladesh 

8. The Airforce of India and which other country have begun the Eastern Bridge VI bilateral exercise? A. Oman B. UAE C. Saudi Arabia D. Qatar 

Answer:A. Oman 

9. Indian Air Force will be a part of a multi-nation air exercise named ‘Exercise Cobra Warrior 22”. This will be held in which country? A. France B. UK C. Poland D. UAE 

Answer:B. UK 

10. Indian Navy’s multilateral exercise Milan 2022 is being conducted in which city? A. Chennai B. Kochi C. Balasore D. Vishakhapatnam 

Answer:D. Vishakhapatnam