Four humans to begin living on Mars for upcoming Mars Mission: All you need to know

By Srikanto Mandal 27 March, 2023

Four volunteers will participate in a year-long mission to prepare for human exploration of Mars.  They will live in a 3D-printed habitat that simulates conditions on Mars.

The habitat includes private crew quarters, a kitchen, medical and fitness areas, and crop growth activities.

The crew will carry out various mission activities, including simulated spacewalks and robotic operations.

They will face environmental stressors such as resource limitations, isolation, and equipment failure.

The crew will spend time remotely operating robotic elements, including a helicopter-like drone and a roving robot.

The analog mission aims to gather accurate data for future missions to Mars. The crew will be subjected to significant workloads during their habitation.

NASA is planning three such analog missions to better understand the requirements for a habitat on Mars.

Analog mission one will begin in June 2023, followed by mission two in 2025 and mission three in 2026.

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