Mascot of FIFA Word Cup  [1986 to 2022]

FIFA World Cup official mascots are a series of unique characters for each event. The trend began with the 1966 FIFA World Cup. 

Pique - Mascot of FIFA Word Cup, Mexico 1986

A jalapeNo pepper, characteristic of Mexican cuisine, with a moustache and wearing a sombrero.

Ciao - Mascot of FIFA Word Cup, Italy 1990

A stick figure player with a football head and an Italian tricolore body. Its name is an Italian greeting.

Striker,  World Cup Pup - Mascot of FIFA Word Cup, United States 1994

A dog, a common US pet animal, wearing a red, white and blue soccer uniform with the words "USA 94"

Footix - Mascot of FIFA Word Cup, France 1998

A cockerel, one of the national symbols of France, with the words "FRANCE 98" on the chest.

Ato, Kaz, and Nik - Mascot of FIFA Word Cup, South Korea and Japan 2002

Orange, purple, and blue (respectively) futuristic, computer-generated creatures. Collectively members of a team of "Atmosball" (a fictional football-like sport), Ato is the coach while Kaz and Nik are players.

Goleo and Pille - Mascot of FIFA Word Cup, Germany 2006

A lion wearing a Germany shirt with the number 06 and a talking football named Pille. Goleo is a portmanteau of the words "goal" and "Leo", the Latin word for lion.

Zakumi - Mascot of South Africa FIFA World Cup 2010

Zakumi is a leopard, a common animal found in South Africa, with green hair wearing a shirt saying South Africa 2010.

Fuleco - Mascot of FIFA World Cup, Brazil 2014

Fuleco is a Brazilian three-banded armadillo, a species of armadillo which is native to Brazil and categorized as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List.

A wolf with a name that translates from Russian as The Goalscorer. Zabivaka wears red shorts and a blue and white T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Russia 2018".

Zabivaka- Mascot of FIFA World Cup, Russia 2018

La'eeb: Mascot of Qatar FIFA Word Cup 2022

A white floating keffiyeh with eyes, eyebrows and an open mouth. Its name is La’eeb, which is an Arabic word meaning "super-skilled player".