A Hawaiian man caught a giant octopus that broke a state record that had stood for more than 20 years.

Michael Matsunaga from Wahiawa on the island of Oahu made the catch in the waters off Turtle Bay on the morning of August 30.

Matsunaga took the animal to Hana Pa'a Fishing Co. to be weighed with the scale showing a reading of 25.95 pounds (12 KG) — a state record for the largest octopus caught.

 The previous record was held by 69-year-old brother Stuart Matsunaga, who caught a 19-pound octopus off Kaena Point, Oahu, in 2000.

In Hawaii, octopus is commonly referred to as "tako" - the Japanese word for the animal.

Tako are a common ingredient in poke, the popular seafood staple of Native Hawaiian cuisine.

There are two octopus species commonly found in Hawaii namely day octopus (Octopus cyanea) and night octopus (Octopus ornatus).

Both species typically reach a maximum arm span of two to three feet and weigh about 10 pounds (4.5 Kg).

The giant Pacific octopus is 10 times larger than these two smaller octopus species found in Hawaii.

These octopuses weigh about 110 pounds (50 Kg) and are found in the North Pacific Ocean from Japan to Alaska and California.