Maria Francisca Perello Pascual All You Need To Know: About the wife of  Rafael Nadal

Srikanto Mandal 24 Sept, 2022

Rafael Nadal wife's full name is Maria Francisca Perello Pascual, also known as Xisca Perello.

The 32-year-old Xisca Perello was born in Manacor, Spain, which is also the birthplace of Rafael Nadal. 

By profession she is an insurance worker and project director of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, a charity that Nadal started in 2008.

According to reports, Perello has known Nadal since she was a child, and came in contact with him through her friend ,  Nadal's sister Maribel Nadal.

The couple began dating in 2005, when she went to the University of Balearic Islands.

After living together for more than 14 years, Perello and Nadal finally tied the knot in January 2019.

Rafa Nadal and wife Maria Francisca Perello have no children yet, but he says he likes the idea of being a father.

They announced their engagement in January 2019.

The couple said their vows  in front of about 350 guests at the La Fortaleza castle in Majorca, the island of their birth.