Redevelopment of Bandel Railway Station: Know about new facilities!

By Gkbooks 15 February, 2023

Bandel railway station in West Bengal is set to undergo a renovation worth Rs 349 crore. 

A new station building will be constructed at Bandel railway station in West Bengal, modeled after the Old Jubilee Bridge, a significant landmark of railway heritage.

It also emphasis on, passenger-friendly signages, setting up of retail outlets, hospitality units, food court and state of the art waiting plaza.

It emphasizes well-lit, yet energy efficient passenger circulation areas, passenger drop off and pick up zones.

For seamless entry and exit of passengers, Eastern Railway will facilitate integration with other modes of public transport.

To ensure maximum comfort for passengers, the Bandel railway station redevelopment project will feature escalators, lifts, and staircases.

Additionally, an elevated drop-off area with multi-level parking has been planned to prevent traffic congestion.

Passengers at the Bandel railway station can look forward to a comprehensive and enjoyable experience with a rooftop food plaza, retail areas, .....

ATMs, washroom facilities, One-Station-One-Product outlets, a play zone for kids, a pharmacy, and internet/Wi-Fi connectivity, all available under one roof.